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Unknown Citizen.jpg Flavius Galerius Aurelianus

Candidate for Tribunus Plebis.
Album Civium

Fl. Galerius Aurelianus S.P.D.

I announce my candidacy for Tribunus Plebis. I fulfill the legal requirements of this office and I give my oath that I will do my very best if elected to this magistracy; as when I was elected to this office once before. I have consulted a number of citizens and family who have encouraged me to run for this office. I again ask for the support of my family, friends, and fellow Plebeians in this race.

In my previous term as Tribunus Plebis, there was a good consensus among my colleagues and I, in defense of the traditional rights of the Plebeian Ordo. By communication and union, we were able to prevent abuse, both perceived and real, by the elected magistrates on several occasions while maintaining the Pax et Concordia of Res Publica. By our shared efforts, the Tribunes were able to avoid the use of intercessio for most of our terms of office and were able to report the deliberations & votes of the Senate in a timely manner.

I wish to be honest and forthcoming with the Plebeians citizens of Nova Roma in telling you that I was elected by a write-in vote to the office of plebeian aedile late last year. After due deliberation, I resigned that office [I have included the text of my resignation below].

By the design of Dii Immortales, I was elected unanimously to the sacred office of pontiff by the Collegium Pontificum and served as interim Pontifex Maximus during a period of change in the Sacred Colleges in which those bodies have significantly increased their membership for the salus of res publica & the maintenance of the Pax Deorum.

Vadite in pace Cereris.

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