Election MMDCCLXI (Nova Roma)/Gnaeus Iulius Caesar

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CIV-Gnaeus Iulius Caesar.jpg Gnaeus Iulius Caesar

Candidate for Aedilis Curulis.
Album Civium

I candidate for the office of Curule Aedile in these elections and I would direct your attention to my biography for details of my service to Nova Roma to date.


In respect of the public games, over the years a considerable amount of effort in Nova Roma has gone into creating novel contests of skill, as well as those that chance plays a role in. I hope to be able to continue that tradition and find new outlets for the varied and obvious creative talents and dedication of our citizens, and thereby fulfill the primary objective of these events. Some citizens may presume that the public games in Nova Roma exist solely as a form of entertainment and while that of course is an objective, they are however staged to honour the Gods.

The Macellum currently appears to have only one authorized merchant. I am sure there are citizens among us who have a multitude of skills and crafts, as well as those with more entrepreneurial and commercial leanings. The nature of the Ordo Equester in Nova Roma is of course utterly un-historic, and I too would support any legislative move to reform it to better reflect its original purpose and nature. I urge all citizens with creative talents to consider how to share the products of their skills within the Macellum and to apply for membership of the Ordo Equester, for until such time as it is reformed creating a thriving marketplace requires that we add new members to it.

I intend to discharge my duties towards the Aedilician fund and the Magna Mater Project with diligence, probity and great attention to the operation of both, including their past, current and future financial management. The holders of this office have a duty to ensure that the donations of both the state and individuals to these two ventures are managed with the utmost responsibility and care. This too will be my objective.

I invite you to cast your vote for me.

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