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An academic Expert in some field of interest about Ancient Rome, (history, philosophy, engineering, military, religio, epigraphy, Lingua Latina, archaeology et cetera) is interviewed. Questions can be asked by all Nova Romans.

Each month the monthly theme will be published and the name of the Expert that will answer to the questions about it. During the following month every Nova Roman who is interested can send questions via email to Franciscus Apulus Caesar (

At the end of the month the 4-5 questions most interesting and curious questions will be selected from among those received. As soon as the expert will answer these questions, they will be published in this page and communicated in the Main Mailing list of Nova Roma.

The project will be directed by Franciscus Apulus Caesar in collaboration with Provincia Italia.


Stoicism in Ancient Rome

February 2004 interview with Professor A. Poliseno

Roman Italy: the Republican conquest of Italy, its organization and administration and its evolution during the Empire

March 2004 interview with Professor A. Cristofori

Latin Epigraphy

April 2004 interview with Professor Silvia Giorcelli Bersani

The Romanization of Italy

May 2004 interview with Professor Jean-Michel David


August 2004 interview with Professor Heidi Weber

Slavery in Ancient Rome

February 2005 interview with Professor Andrea Giardina

The Constitution of the Roman Republic

April 2005 interview with Professor Andrew Lintott

Pompeii: its history and what it taught us about ancient Rome

May 2005 interview with Dr. Baldassarre Conticello

(Answers to Questions Coming Soon!)

Religions of Rome

Interview with Professor Mary Beard

(Answers to Questions Coming Soon!)

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