Lex Iunia Cornelia provincialis (Nova Roma)

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Approved by comitia centuriata
Yes: 55 No: 9 Abs.:
a.d. XI Kal. Ian. L. Equitio Dec. Iunio cos. MMDCCLII a.u.c.

Passed by the Senate of Nova Roma
Yes: 7 No: 1 Abs.: 0
prid. Kal. Ian. L. Equitio Dec. Iunio cos. MMDCCLII a.u.c.

This lex changes Article V Section C. of the Constitution to state:

"The Senate may, by senatus consultum, create provinces (lat. provinciae) for administrative purposes and to appoint provincial governors therefore. The Senate may review each governor on a yearly basis and it remains in the discretion of the Senate whether or not to prorogue such governors. These governors may have assistants to handle the disbursements of any funds that might come from the central government, as well as to manage any local funds."
This law has been modified by laws XXIV and XL, and finally repealed by lex Equitia de constitutione corrigenda.
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