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Do not edit it without previous authorization given by Aedilitas curulis staff or by C. Petronius Dexter.

You will find below LUCANUS, C. Petronius Dexter's young gladiator's official aedilician personal file
(updated on Oct. 20, 2008).

Lucanus.jpg LUCANUS
Gender : M
Birthplace: Aquinum
(Latium -It.)
Age : 24
Weight librae: 277.10 *
Height pedes/digiti: 7.1 *
Registr. for 2761 in :
Athletics : no
Munera : yes
Venationes : no
Circenses : no
1st registr.: Romani 2761
Sept. 6, 2761 auc.
Patronus : C. Petronius Dexter
Current factio : Veneta
Current value (pts) : 17

Victories: none
Best fight: Romani 2761 Sept. 16, 2761.
Semi-finals (lost)

NB: For the numbers marked by a "*", see the equivalences with
meter and kilogr. at the bottom of this page.

Last Lucanus' news October Equus' munera 2761 --

The poor Lucanus is deeply depressed but, fortunately, still alive. He was the bottom of the gladiators casting.

Birthday MMDCCXXXIX (1986), a.d. VIII Kal. Sextiles (Jul, 25)
Appearance He is a giant, with large shoulders. He does not look subtile, but has a raw beauty that some patrician women like.
Habits Prefers eating raw meat, if possible at every meal
Hobbies Playing football every week.
Bio Unknown
His first fight Unknown
Ludi career Unknown, except he begins his career, and has not much experience. He is currently in Veneta C. Petronius Dexter's team, trained by famous Spartacus coach, and seems to have a good margin of development.
Wins None yet
Best performance Romani 2761 Sept. 16, 2761 - 3rd

Relation with meter : Pes Palma Digitus
Pes: 1 4 16
Palma : 0.25 1 4
Digitus : 0.0625 0.25 1
Meter : 0.2944 0.0736 0.0184
Relation with kilogr. : Libra Uncia
Libra: 1 12
Uncia : 0.8333 1
Kilo : 0.327 0.2725

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