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A Summary of the Final Round

Munera Gladiatoria for Ludi Novi Romani MMDCCLXIV

Salvete omnes! This is Marcus Pompeius Caninus with the results of the Finals from the Flavian Amphitheater for the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Novi Romani for 2764!

The weather, which has been truly wonderful for all of the matches over the past few days, has cooperated once again. But a storm blew in our final two gladiatores completed their match and the victor received his congratulations from the Consuls and the citizens who attended the games.

The final match in this munera pitted Sura, a Thraex representing Ludus Albatus, against Attalus the Briton, a Secutor from Ludus Municius. The two men were very different in stature, with Attalus much shorter and leaner than Sura. The task set before Attalus this afternoon was to quickly find a opening in Sura’s defenses and disable Sura before time in the arena worked against the advantages favoring the pursuer early in the round.

While Sura did very well in the earlier rounds, it seemed apparent the crowd was favoring Attalus in this final match of the series. The secutor made several well timed charges against the thraex. At one point, Attalus almost removed the shield from Sura’s hand but Sura quickly recovered and was able to fend off the attack while the crowd cheered Attalus. However, after a several more minutes of chasing the thraex, the strain of the fight began to show in the movements of the secutor. Sura used very safe and sure defensive tactics to prevent Attalus from removing his shield or getting to his back. The dance took its toll on both fighters but as the secutor pounced, for what would be his last attack, the thraex countered with a charge of his own crashing into the secutor. The men fell to the ground but Sura maintained his composure and pinned Attalus firmly. It was clear there would be no escape.

In the caveae, thousands of thumbs indicated they wanted Attalus to be spared. In the cella, Aedilis Aeterina turned her head toward Consuls Ullerius Stephanus Venator and Equitius Cato as they said in unison, “Mitte”. The crowd erupted into cheers as the judge loudly and clearly pronounced: ”Sura victor, Attalus mittatur!”

Let us all congratulate Sura on his victory and all of those gladiatores who have competed in the munera!

Thank you for your support and patronage of the Munera Gladiatoria. On behalf of the Curule Aediles and the athletes, this is Marcus Pompeius Caninus bidding you a good day and good fortune!

Di vos incolumes custodiant!

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