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A Summary of the Semifinals

Munera Gladiatoria for Ludi Novi Romani MMDCCLXIV

Salvete omnes! This is Marcus Pompeius Caninus with the results of the semifinals from the Flavian Amphitheater for the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Novi Romani for 2764!

The Gods have again blessed us with warm and refreshing spring weather. The crowds streamed into the amphitheater and many vendors scrambling to keep up with the demand, a sure sign that the economy is finally picking up some steam. The seats in the shade were a bit cool but the athletes could not have asked for better conditions.

The first match in this round pitted Sura, representing Ludus Albatus, against Llancheu, representing Ludus Venetus. While physically very similar these gladiatores could not have been more different in fighting styles. Sura, a Thraex, spent most of the match dodging and maneuvering in a slow and deliberate manner to wear down his opponent. Llacheu, a Dimachaerus, was fast on his feet but firm and strong in his stance. The match almost ended just seconds after the mappa fell and the cry of "Pugnate!" was heard. Llacheu moved very quickly and lunged toward Sura in an attempt to evade the shield and land at least one of his blades on Sura's upper back. But Sura managed to catch the right arm of Llacheu, pushing him off-balance and deflecting the attack. The men then began a few minutes of sparring as Llacheu danced around looking for right opportunity. Chants from the crowd in support of Llacheu could be heard. Then Llacheu spung with another quick attack but Sura landed a solid blow on his opponent with his shield. Llacheu went crashing to the sand. Sura pinned Llacheu to the ground and stood over him with his sword ready to dispatch him. But the Fates spared both gladiatores from serious injury. With the win, Sura will fight in the finals tomorrow afternoon.

The second match had Drest, a Murmillo from Ludus Praesinus, facing Attalus the Briton, Secutor from Ludus Municius. As soon as the mappa fell, the Secutor began pressing the fight on the Murmillo. The two men were very different in stature, with Attalus almost half a foot shorter than Drest. But ultimately that difference in size proved to be the winning edge in a closely contested match that had Attalus chasing Drest all over the arena for a little more than ten minutes. The strain of the fight began to show on both fighters but the match ended when Drest cast his net at the 12 minute mark and Attalus was able to evade both the net and the sword and landed several solid blows on Drest ultimately taking him down. Both fighters were able to leave the arena without significant injuries. Attalus will face Sura for the championship tomorrow.

In the consolation round, Llacheu faced Drest. The speed and double sword fighting style of the Dimachaerus proved too much for the Murmillo. Llacheu took third place and Drest took fourth place.

Thank you for your continued patronage of the Munera Gladiatoria. On behalf of the Curule Aediles and the athletes, this is Marcus Pompeius Caninus bidding you a good day from the Flavian Amphitheatre and we hope to see you here tomorrow for the Finals!

Di vos incolumes custodiant!

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