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The "plebeian games": 4th - 17th November. For the ludi plebeii in Roma Antiqua see ludi plebeii

In Nova Roma, the plebeian games are conducted by the plebeian aediles, elected by the comitia populi tributa. The games usually feature a variety of activities in which citizens may partake, including literary and general knowledge contests and racing in Nova Roma's virtual circus.

Ludi Plebeii 2768 AUC program:

4th of November (pr.non.nov. C)- Opening Announcement

A. Paterculus aedilis omnibus civibus s.p.d. I am pleased to announce this year's ludi plebeii, which will run from November 4th to November 17th.

We have a full schedule of events this year:

  • The second edition, dedicated to the memory of Colleen McCullough, of Nova Roma's famous literary contest, the Certamen Petronianum remains open until the closing of the games on November 17th. Please submit your historical fiction!
  • We will also be having a contest to design simple flyer to promote Nova Roma in your local area. If your talents run more to the visual than the literary arts, this is your chance to win one of the assortments of fine spices on offer by Sibylla Ambrosia Fulvia. Contest rules will be forthcoming in the next few days.
  • A Latin Certamen, the rules of which will also be forthcoming.
  • ... and of course, no Nova Roman ludi would be complete without a chariot race! Starting today (and until midnight on Nov.8th, Rome time), you can submit your entries to the races to arthur(dot)f(dot)waite(at)

The ludi plebeii are officially open.


8th of November ( C, dies religiosus)- Announcement of the Design-a-Flyer Contest

  • Mundus patet[1]

Salvete omnes,

Welcome to day IV of this year's ludi Plebeii. We've had some promising entries so far for the Certamen Petronianum II and the chariot race - please keep them coming!

As scribe of A. Paterculus, it is an honor for me to announce,on behalf of our dear Aedil Plebis, our third contest of the holiday- the Design-a-Flyer contest. This is a challenge to make creative, exiting flyers/leaflets to be posted on bulletin boards, left out on tables for people to pick up, or simply handed out a events to interested parties. We have a wonderful example in the files for this group, and now we are going to add a few other options for anyone who wants to invite people to get involved in Nova Roma:

Entry Rules:

First, by submitting a flyer to this contest, you understand that it is going to be made available to the general public (even if it doesn't win) so that anyone can print it out to advertise Nova Roma. You give permission for this use, while reserving any other rights you may have.

Images are encouraged, but they must either be in the public domain or your own intellectual property.

Flyers can either be general interest, describing Nova Roma as a whole, or they can be tailored toward one of the interests that someone might explore as part of our republic, such as reenactment, the Latin language, the Cultus Deorum, historical study, etc. If you chose the latter option, you do need mention that the other facets exist to avoid giving a false impression. For example: "Explore Nova Roma: A Society for Classical History" would be misleading, because it would give the impression that we are solely an academic group "Explore Classical History with Nova Roma (An Association for the Revival of All Thing Roman)" would be better.

Your flyer needs to be one that could be used in multiple provinces at multiple times; if there is a space for a local group's contact information (encouraged) it should be left for the person posting the flyer to fill in. It's highly recommended that you include the website somewhere on your flyer as well.

Submitted flyers can be in any language. Your submission must include your Nova Roman name as well as a mailing address.

Send submissions to quintuslutatius(at)yahoo(dot)es as an attachment to an email, in either PDF or .doc format.

Submission Deadline: November 12th, 2015 - 12:00 p.m. Rome Time

On November 13th, 2015, submitted flyers which meet the requirements above will be made publicly visible, organized by topic and identified by creator. From this moment until November 16th, 2015 - 12:00 p.m. Rome Time, anyone can send their votes for the best to me through the Album Civium. I will tally up these votes (including my own) in order to declare the winner. In case of a tie, the winner will be the earlier submission.

The winner will be sent one of the fine packages of spices prepared by Sibylla Ambrosia Fulvia.

Good luck!


Q. Catulus

-Initial DEADLINE: Last day to send in entries to the Chariot Race!

9th of November ( C)

10th of November ( C)

11th of November ( C)

12th of November ( C) DEADLINE: Last day to send in entries to the Design-A-Flyer Contest!

13th of November (id.nov. NP)

  • Feriae Jovi
  • Jovi epulum[2]

14th of November (a.d.XVIII.kal.dec. F, dies ater)

  • Equorum probatio[3]

15th of November (a.d.XVII.kal.dec. C)

16th of November (a.d.XVI.kal.dec. C)

17th of November (a.d.XV.kal.dec. C)[4]

  • End of the Ludi Plebeii


  1. This day the entrance to Mundus is open, the spirits of the deads can access our world. In the imperial era this was the birthday of emperor Nerva and Constantinus, and for them there was a 48 start chariot race in Circus Maximus.
  2. Banquet for Jupiter. In the imperial era there was a 30 start chariot race at Circus Maximus. At 13th of November 181 BC was consacrated temple for goddess Pietas in the future place of the theater of Marcellus, because Consul M´ Acilius Glabrio promised to to do so before the battle of Thermopylai in 191 BC, if he would win Antiochos. His son paid that promise and in the temple there was a golden statue of his father.
  3. A horse show, cavalry parade similar to Transvectio Equitum.
  4. In the imperial era this was the birthday of emperor Vespasianus, and there was chariot race at Circus Maximus 24 starts.

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