Oaths of office 2768 AUC

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This is the first time in Nova Roma that the quaestores have fulfilled their historical Roman duty to administer the oaths of office of all other magistrates: The reason why they were the first magistrates to enter office, on the Nones of December in ancient Rome; and now, as of St. Cornelia C. Aemilio cos. MMDCCLXVII a.u.c., in Nova Roma as well.

It was a Roman tradition that quaestores were the first magistrates to enter office on December 5th, because they were tasked to ensure all other magistrates who would enter office after them would take the oath of office. The quaestores had to prepare the ceremony; to witness and verify the oaths.

The following report, made by the quaestores Cn. Lentulus and Ti. Cassius, is the official record of each oath of office as it was given:

Name Office Date Forum message ref
M. Pompeius Caninus Consul 31-Dec-2767 94676 ML
Sex. Lucilius Tutor Praetor 01-Jan-2768 94694 ML
A. Liburnius Hadrianus Praetor 01-Jan-2768 94696 ML
P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus Censor 01-Jan-2768 94684 ML
A. Iulius Paterculus Aedilis plebis 20-Dec-2767 94544 ML
C. Maria Marcella Aedilis plebis 20-Dec-2767 94603 ML
Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Quaestor 05-Dec-2767 94501 ML
Cn. Rutilius Viminalis Quaestor 08-Dec-2767 94516 ML
C. Claudius Quadratus Quaestor 17-Dec-2767 94577 ML
Ti. Iulius Nerva Quaestor 01-Jan-2768 94617 ML
Ti. Cassius Atellus Quaestor 24-Dec-2767 94622 ML
P. Porcius Licinus Tribunus plebis 17-Dec-2767 94586 ML
C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus Tribunus plebis 17-Dec-2767 94571 ML
A. Vergilius Figulus Tribunus plebis 17-Dec-2767 94584 ML
M. Martianus Lupus Tribunus plebis 03-Jan-2768 94706 ML

We, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus quaestor and Ti. Cassius Atellus quaestor, verify and witness the oaths of office recorded above, on behalf of all our colleague quaestores.
Datum Non. Ian. M. Pompeio Sex. Lucilio cos. MMDCCLXVIII a.u.c..

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