Praetorial Edictum CACP MPC 67-03

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Ex Officio Praetoris Novae Romae:


We, Publius Annaeus Constantinus Placidus and Marcus Pompeius Caninus, Praetores of Nova Roma for the year MMDCCLXVII, in the hope of promoting a more free and lively, yet well-ordered, setting for the gathering and interaction of those who are non-citizens (aka "members") interested in Nova Roma, former citizens (aka "members") and citizens (aka "citizens") of Nova Roma within our public forum, Forum Hospitum (also known as FH),, promulgate the following edict for civil conduct within the Forum Hospitum:

1. Members and citizens are reminded that the FH is a moderated list, and all posts sent to the FH must conform to the requirements and restrictions of the Yahoo Terms of Service (ToS) (available in summary form here:

2. Members and citizens are reminded that the FH is not classified as an adult group and should govern their choice of language accordingly to comply with the restrictions imposed by the Yahoo ToS. Disruptive and/or offensive conduct/language, as defined by the Yahoo ToS is prohibited and subject to warnings and/or suspension of posting rights. If in doubt as to whether your intended post breaches forum rules or the moderation policy outlined here or directions from List moderators and owners, seek advice from the list moderators and owners before posting.

3. Members and citizens are reminded that the purpose of this list is for discussions between those interested in ancient Rome, its values and its virtues including the influence that Rome as a global civilization had and continues to have on the modern world. We also welcome contributions on the current practice and development of Latin and Roman values.

4. Discussions regarding the internal affairs and politics of Nova Roma will not be permitted on the FH. This includes, but is not limited to, statements of resignation (actual or intended), discussions on who has resigned, why they resigned, where they went, the nature of other Roman themed groups, the broad scope of the history of these issues or anything even remotely connected to such matters. No political disputes of Nova Roma will be permitted topics. This includes statements of candidates, endorsements, other election statements, election issues in general, discussion of proposed legislation, or any other business of, or matters affecting, the various comitia of Nova Roma. Discussions debating the moderation policy of the FH, the Conditions of Membership / Forum Rules issued by the Forum Hospitum List Manager and the purpose of this list or Praetorial decisions regarding moderation are prohibited. Nova Roman citizens wishing to discuss such matters are directed to the Main List. Also prohibited is advertising/recruiting/promoting of any sort, including for membership of unofficial lists. For current Nova Roman citizens on this list, please be reminded that this is NOT the Main List and that expectations here are different.

5. Prohibited, disruptive or offensive conduct/language, or a combination thereof, as defined by either Yahoo ToS and/or the Praetors, will be dealt with by warnings and/or suspension of posting rights. Excessive and/or continuing breaches of the list rules, in terms of number of violations, language, tone or content, could result in removal of the member responsible from this list, citizen or non-citizen alike. The Praetors are not bound by precedent in deciding these matters, which will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

6. Latin openings and closings are suggested but not mandatory. More information about the use of Latin in email is given here:

7. Except for the openings and closings in Latin, all text on the FH must be either posted in English or accompanied by an English translation, so that it will be understood by all.

This edict shall take effect immediately.

Given by our hands ante diem v Idus Februarias MMDCCLXVII A.U.C. in the Consulship of St. Cornelia Valeriana Iuliana Aeternia and C. Aemilius Crassus

P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus
M. Pompeius Caninus

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