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This senatus consultum was proposed a.d. IV Non. Dec. , P. Memmio K. Buteone (II) cos. MMDCCLXIII a.u.c..


Item II - Magister aranearius – giving a date to her/his term – mod. senatus consultum(adopted text)

The text

The present proposition aims to repair a forgetting in our senatus consulta relative to our Magister aranearius (MA) : the length of their term is not specified, which places this holder in an exceptional situation, that no other ordinary magistracy knows.   The proposed SC below proposes our Senate to :

  • - define the term as a normally one-year term, to be prorogued as long as the Senate sees fit ;
  • - open a period to receive any candidacy for this office ;
  • - place the MA under the authority of both consuls, in order that they define clearly, with the Senate's advice, the main lines of our web site and may allow the MA a clearer and more legitimate legal and political context.

In view of lex Apula de magistro araneario ;

the Senate of Rome decides:

Article 1 : Pursuant to section II of lex Apula de magistro araneario, the term of office of the Magister aranearius shall last up to one calendar year, from the 1st January, and shall expire no later than 31st December of the same year.

Article 2 : Unless specified otherwise in the senatus consultum appointing the magister aranearius, candidacies for appointment or prorogation in this office for the following year will be received by the consuls no later than pridie Kal. Dec. before the term related to the appointment or prorogation.

Article 3 : If the senate has not, for any reason, ruled on the prorogation of the sitting magister aranearius, the Magister shall, except in cases of his/her legal resignation, be automatically prorogued at the end of her/his term for a full year.

Article 4 : The Magister aranearius shall be subject to the direction and authority of the consuls.

Article 5 : By derogation with the provisions of articles 1 and 2 above :

  • the term of the current magister aranearius shall end on pridie Kal. Apriles 2764 auc ;
  • the term of the magister to be appointed by the Senate from next Kal. Apriles on will end on pridie Kal. Ian. 2765 auc.

Article 6 : The consuls are charged of the good execution of the present senatus consultum, which shall be applicable from its publication on, and be included in the Tabularium Nova Romae (Senate section).

Votes and opinions

  • 13 UR : xxxx
  • 1 ABS
  • 0 ANT.
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