SC 2763 Dec. 5 (Nova Roma)

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This senatus consultum was proposed Non. Dec. , P. Memmio K. Buteone (II) cos. MMDCCLXIII a.u.c..


Item IV - Provinces – Italia – Direct consular administration – prorogation (adopted text)

The text

In view of the debate led during its session closed on last a.d. III Idus Nov (Nov. 11) 2763 auc,

Considering that Sen. Praetorius M. Iulius Perusianus does not consider desirable, for the Republic, to assume the Praefectura Italiae,

Considering the need keeping a representation of the Republic of Nova Roma in Italy, motherland of the Roman Republic, and to welcome there the various sensitivities embodied by all Italian citizens,

the Senate of Rome decides:

Article 1 : The consuls of Nova Roma will keep Praefectura Italiae under their direct authority and administration, acting there pro praefecto;

Article 2 : In addition of every power, right and privilege recognized by the Law to any governor, the consuls may use, in their mission, every power, right and privilege recognized by the Law to a consul;

Article 3 : This direct administration will last at least until next Kal. Apriles 2764 auc.

Article 4 : Before Kal. Apr. 2764 auc, both consuls shall propose the Senate a solution for the period following Kal. Apriles. In case of a proposed prorogation, this one may be prorogued as long as the Senate sees fit.

Article 5 : The consuls are charged of the good execution of the present senatus consultum, which shall be applicable from its publication on and included in the Tabularium Nova Romae (Senate section).

Votes and opinions

  • 14 UR : xxxx
  • 1 ABS
  • 0 ANT.
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