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This senatus consultum was proposed a.d. IV Non. Nov. , P. Memmio K. Buteone (II) cos. MMDCCLXIII a.u.c..


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P. Memmius Albucius
censor, previous cos.

Item II - Financial report and other financial and fiscal NR Inc. obligations – request from former sen. Moravius - official position of Nova Roma (adopted text)

The text

The attention of the Board has been drawn, on the report of co-president Memmius, on the “demand” laid by former director M. Moravius Piscinus “that the Co-Presidents post a financial report immediately.

The Board cannot but state that M. Moravius, while he was a director this year has never, before his resignation issued such request, and that he was in addition aware of the difficulties that both co-presidents has met, from the beginning of the year and the period of the preparation of the annual budget of the Corporation, in obtaining, from the former C.F.O. of Nova Roma Inc., the documents, informations and reports necessary to guarantee the most legal working of the Corporation.

In this context, the Board has, during its previous session of November 4-11, 2010, taken good note of the useful initiative of Consul Memmius who, after several electronic reminders, sent on last Nov. 2, by certified letter with return receipt, a request to Eq. Iunia Laeca (aka Deandra Boyle), former C.F.O. of our Corporation, in order that she “turn(s) over financial records and necessary information so that the executives of Nova Roma Inc. can attend to the administrative, financial and legal obligations that must be made on behalf of the corporation”, specially :

  • bank statements;
  • tax filings;
  • general banking information;
  • checks; 
  • pins and other codes necessary to access Nova Roma accounts or Nova Roma e-payment accounts (Paypal etc.), through all the postal and electronic addresses that you may have used or created, as NR Inc. CFO, for them (,,, etc.) ;

PO Box information – including all relevant contact information including, phone number and any billings to renew the PO Box location.

  • and other information or materials already evoked in” the previous “e-letter” sent by Cos. Memmius, as co-president, on last “Aug. 5.”.

The Board states, on the information of Cos. Memmius, that Nova Roma Inc.'s former C.F.O. has not returned yet to the corporation the elements which would allow a sincere and true presentation, towards the Board, of the financial and banking situation of the Corporation.

Though it naturally confirms its intention to comply every legal obligations of a non-profit corporation registrated in the U.S.A. and in its State of Maine, the Board of Nova Roma cannot but be convinced that Mrs Boyle will send back co-president Memmius all the requested documents and informations, and specially no later than next November 22, date that has been communicated to her as the wished deadline for the return of such documents and informations.

The Board will watch, in case of a positive answer by Eq. Iunia Laeca, that a financial report may be then examined in the best delays. In case of a negative answer or of an absence of answer, it will take, on the proposal and report of its co-presidents, any appropriate measure to allow Nova Roma to fulfill its legal obligations.

Votes and opinions

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  • 1 ABS : xxx
  • 1 ANT : xxx
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