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This senatus consultum was proposed a.d. IV Non. Nov. , P. Memmio K. Buteone (II) cos. MMDCCLXIII a.u.c..


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P. Memmius Albucius
censor, prev. cos.

Item V - Taxes 2764 auc – Amount - magistrates, officers and citizens respective status (rejected text)

The information by Cos. Memmius

Our current system is a first good step to bring our members to contribute, as soon as possible in the year, to the efforts of our community. However, it is not satisfying for our public officers and magistrates, for it let them enter their office and stay in it several months long without any payment.

This situation leads certain officials forgetting this importance, specially in terms of symbol and image, that the ones among us who hold the highest positions be also the ones who should give the example. We have experienced this year the worst demonstrations of this unsatisfying situation.

The current sc proposal aims to :

  • set the time our public officials pay their annual fee in relation with their entry in office : in the 30 days of it. This way, most of our magistrates will have until Jan. 31 to discharge them with their obligation, and our suffecti (even senators suffecti) will have a clear rule ;
  • keep the usual rule for all other average cives, setting the deadline on May 31, which goes on being reasonable for those of us who are not as rich as Crassus ;
  • set clearly that the consequence of a non-payment will be the automatic removal, linked to the previous amendment to NR Inc. by-laws ;
  • set the amount of NR taxes for 2764 auc, keeping specially, after 2763 auc light increase, the amounts unchanged.

The text

On view of the lex Vedia mod. Apula de assiduis et capite censis ; senatus consulta of March 27, 2763 auc, a.d. V Idus xxx 2755 and a.d. XV Kal. Sext. 2754 auc on taxation, the Senate of NOva Roma decides :

Article 1 : All public officials (members of assemblies, magistrates, officers - civil or religious ones) shall, at the exception of the citizens legally exempted, pay their annual contribution (“tax”) no later than 30 days after their entry in office. Except for suffecti or when this entry is specified by the Law for a given situation, this entry in office shall be supposed to be on Kalends of January.

Article 2 : In case of an absence of payment, the concerned official, if (s)he is a senator, a tribune of the Plebs or a religious officer, shall be automatically removed from office by a censorial decision, and by a consular one in every other case. Notice of this automatic removal shall be posted by one or both censor(s) or consul(s) to Nova Roma Announce list and any relevant official list of Nova Roma. Failure to post this automatic removal will not in any way effect said removal, but will just commit the censor or consul's own responsibility, within the framework of Nova Roma's laws.

The legal validity of the above first alinea shall be linked to a previous amendment of Nova Roma inc. by-laws which will allow that a member elected or appointed by the General meeting (Comitia) or the Board (Senate) may be thus removed with the occurrence of a special term, here the non-payment of the annual fee during 31 days at least.

Article 3 : The citizen who would have been thus removed from office will be obliged to lay a new candidacy and to discharge her/him-self with her/his owed tax, increased of a 50 % extra amount, in order to be allowed entering, in a second time, a public office or magistracy, specially, for example, the position from which (s)he has been removed.  

Article 4 : This senatus consultum applies to every situation concerning 2764 auc and the following years, included the offices or magistracies which are occupied before the concerned civil year, like the tribunate which enters in office in Dec. 10.

Article 5 : All citizens who are legally subject to the annual taxation and are not public officials, as defined above, shall pay their annual tax no later than “May 31” OR “April 21st”. The persons who become citizens (NR Inc. members) after “May 31” OR “April 21st” shall pay their annual tax no later than 30 days after the day of the publication or notification of their citizenship.  

Article 6 : Whatever whether a citizen holds a public office or not, the quality of contributing member (assiduus/-a) of Nova Roma (inc.) may be kept, after the dates set above, by paying the annual contribution (“tax”) as defined in the table below, increased of half its amount (tax+50%).

Article 7 : The taxes for 2764 auc. are set, for :

  • all public officials and simple contributing citizens, at the same level than in 2763 ;
  • the equites : at 100 usd for a citizen, and at 200 usd for a non-citizen.

  Article 8 :  When it is not decided by the Senate at a given amount, the level of the annual fee (tax) due by each citizen or public official goes on being specified by a consular measure (edictum) that will adapt the decision of the Senate with the various economic situations lived by our citizens in the territory where they live in, and in conformity with the existing sentus consulta.

Votes and opinions

  • 5 UR : xxxx
  • 2 ABS : xxxx
  • 5 ANT : xxxx.
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