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The Senate Communications Committee (SCC)


1. The delivery of consistent messaging both internally within Nova Roma, and externally. Such messaging shall only reflect the policies and goals of the Senate as defined within Senatus consulta or the work of the SFC, SPED, SCEC and SPC.

2. To seek new ways to publicize Nova Roma externally by means of articles, postings and communications on other electronic message boards and to maintain messaging to any such existing means of communications that Nova Roma utilizes and/or is featured in.

3. To prepare and deliver such content as the committee sees appropriate to do so that assists in the performance of its duties above.

4. To make recommendations to the Senate on the advisability and benefits, or otherwise, of any contact with a reconstruction, reenactment or otherwise ancient Roman themed group with a similar and/or compatible mandate and goals to Nova Roma. Such recommendations to the Senate shall include the presentation in the form of a draft Senatus consultum of any memorandum of understandings with such groups, as the committee considers appropriate and beneficial to Nova Roma.




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