Senatus Consultum on warnings to new or returning applicants for citizenship

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The Senate of Nova Roma establishes the following process for ensuring that new or returning applicants for Nova Roman citizenship are provided warnings prior to the grant of citizenship, concerning any organization that has been deemed by the Senate to be a “competing organization”.

I. The censors shall create, and then subsequently maintain, a page on Nova Roma’s wiki / web page that lists the details of any organization that has been deemed to be a “competing organization”. The details shall include at a minimum the identification term for the organization used in the Senatus consultum that declared them competing. This typically, but not exclusively, is often the website URL for the organization. The censors shall include any other details that they feel are necessary to assist an applicant in correctly identifying the organization.

II. Upon the enactment of this Senatus consultum, the Chief Information Officer of Nova Roma shall take steps to ensure that as soon as possible and practicable the Application for NOVA ROMAN Citizenship form is amended, and subsequently maintained, to include a check box, and immediately after that box the following text:

“I hereby affirm that I am not currently, nor have ever been, a member and/or participant of any competing organization that is listed on the page accessed through this hyperlink.”

Immediately following the text above the hyperlink referred to be included. This shall link to the page specified at I above. After the hyperlink the following text shall be included:

“IMPORTANT! Prior to affirming in the box provided above applicants MUST ensure they have accessed the hyperlink and read the contents of the page(s) it links to. Membership and/or participation in any of the competing organizations that are listed there MUST be disclosed.

Any failure on your part to disclose membership and/or participation (past or present) in these organizations will automatically invalidate your grant of citizenship and therefore regardless of how much time has elapsed between such a failure and its discovery, your Nova Roman citizenship will be automatically revoked, with no possibility of appeal.

Any applicant that is or has been a member and/or participant of one or more of the organizations listed, and who still wishes to apply for Nova Roman citizenship, after transmitting the application form WITHOUT checking the above box, should contact the censors by use of the email tool found here . Applicants so doing should be prepared to answer questions that the censors may have for them regarding their membership and/or participation in any such organization. Please note that the censors may or may not support such an application, and even should they do so the matter must then be referred to the Senate of Nova Roma to make the final decision on your citizenship application.”

III. The censors and censorial staff must ensure that any applicant who appears not to understand the text specified at II above has that text further explained in email. The emails of any applicant who contacts the censors or censorial staff with any issue pertaining to membership and/or participation in a competing organization must be copied and pasted into the applicant’s non-public censorial record that is generated by his/her application.

IV. Any citizen who resigned his/her citizenship, or had that citizenship revoked by an appropriate Nova Roman authority, and who wishes to apply again MUST complete a fresh application form. That must be completed fully, as though the person had never held citizenship before, and must be completed using the full Nova Roman name citizenship was formerly held under immediately prior to resigning that citizenship, or having it revoked. Upon receipt of this new application the censors / censorial staff shall mark it as a duplicate and cross reference it to his/her former record, which shall continue to serve as the master censorial record.

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