Senatus consultum on appointment of Equestria Iunia Laeca as Curatrix Aerarii (Nova Roma)

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The Senate appoints Quaestrix consularis Equestria Iunia Laeca Curatrix Aerarii (Financial Officer) for a term lasting two years from the kalendae Februariae MMDCCLXI AUC (1 Feb. 2008) until the kalendae Martiae MMDCCLXIII AUC (1 March 2010CE). In the event that the Senate does not appoint another Curator Aerarii before Kal. Martis 2762 AUC, Equestria Iunia Laeca shall be eligible to act in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer of Nova Roma Inc. under the direction of the Consuls until the Senate reconfirms her in office or replaces her. This appointment may be superceded by senatus consultus or enactment of legislation that establish financial officers for Nova Roma, Inc. by other means.

  • VTI ROGAS 26

The votes were cast as follows:

  • TIS Uti rogas
  • MMPH Adsentior uti rogas: I shall paraphrase some words written to me by Quaestrix Iunia Laeca: it is time for us to set a pattern of behavior in place, through policies and procedures, that ensures transparency and order in our financial arrangements by means of oversight and management, which needs to be effected at the administration level. Reform of Nova Roma's financial system, structure and function, is in the beginning stages. Even the internal controls are still being identified and developed. At this time I not only reccomend that the Senate approve Quaestrix Iunia Laeca as Curatrix Aerarii, I believe that it has becoome necessary for Nova Roma's future.
  • KFBM Uti Rogas
  • JSM Uti Rogas
  • MLA Uti rogas: Although I do not personally know this citizen, there is ample evidence that she is fully qualified for this post. May the immortal gods assist her in these important duties.
  • GEM Uti Rogas
  • MOG Uti rogas
  • CCS Uti Rogas. Although I would have liked to see more historical solution.
  • FAC VTI ROGAS: I don't know her but I'm sure the Consules are acting in the right way.
  • MCC Uti Rogas
  • MIS VTI ROGAS: For what I know, she is the best candidate for this position.
  • MHM Uti Rogas: Until we can find a more historical solution.
  • FVG No
  • ATS Assentior; uti rogas: I have had some personal communication with Equestria Iunia Laeca, who

is a former student of mine from the AT. She is a fine person, and I am sure she will do a good job for Nova Roma. I hope that this appointment will lead to an improvement in the transparency and other matters concerning our financial situation.

  • ECF Uti Rogas
  • CFD Abstineo
  • QFM Vti Rogas: I approve.
  • MAM Uti Rogas
  • AMA Uti Rogas
  • TOPA Uti rogas: I go by the recommendation of other senators, as I don't know her myself.
  • DIPI Uti rogas: With pleasure do I cast a vote a vote for Equestria Iunia Laeca for this position.
  • GPL Uti Rogas
  • PMA Abstineo: on one hand, it is time for NR to have a daily available, clear, precise and public information on its financial status. On the other, such an assignment looks illegal, for being contrary to the one-year term principle applicable to every of our ordinarii (except censors), and organized by our current laws.
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