Senatus consultum on thanks to Senator Marcus Octavius Gracchus (Nova Roma)

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The Senate extends its special thanks to Senator Marcus Octavius Gracchus for his many years of service as Magister Aerarii and in assisting the Magistri Aerarii, providing Nova Roma with a server, restoring the website, archiving our records, and often single handily providing technical support for our magistrates and Citizens alike.

  • VTI ROGAS 27

The votes were cast as follows:

  • TIS Uti rogas
  • MMPH Adsentior uti rogas: Over the years many of our Citizens have contributed in their own unique ways to noster Res Publica Libera. Senator Marcus Octavius has done moreso than others in preserving Nova Roma, through some of its most difficult times, often single handily, consistently, diligently, and without the recognition he justly deserves. I happy to give this opportunity to the Senate to voice its gratitude to Senator Marcus Octavius Gracchus.
  • KFBQ UTI ROGAS: There is no doubt that deserves this honor and I would be prepared to add even more honors to this one.
  • KFBM Uti Rogas: I think we should be extending more than just a thanks to Marcus Octavius Gracchus. He has done much to build up Nova Roma and deserves more than a thank you.
  • JSM Uti Rogas: It is difficult to estimate the value of the years of service rendered by Senator Marcus Octavius Gracchus other than to say that it is beyond price. It is such a privilege to have served with him.
  • MLA Uti rogas: Having had the pleasure and honor of working with M. Octavius Gracchus I can say that both his dedication to Nova Roma and his technical skills are of the very first rate. He deserves more than thanks.
  • GEM Uti Rogas
  • MOG Abstineo: Thanks to all for their comments.
  • CCS Uti Rogas: He has had his ups and downs, but the value of his contributions is not diminished by that.
  • FAC VTI ROGAS: Senator Gracchus has my personal gratitude.
  • MCC Uti Rogas: Octavius Gracchus has worked hard to Nova Roma and his work is worthy of admiration and thanks.
  • MMA YES: Most heartily and most deservedly.
  • MIS VTI ROGAS: M. Octavius Gracchus deserves our gratitude.
  • MHM Uti Rogas: Marcus Octavius has given us a great resource with the NRwiki. I am very grateful to him. It not only will be a scholarly resource but it permits us to inform and help cultores with articles and photographs; activities that the CP has abandoned.
  • FVG Abstain
  • ATS Assentior; uti rogas: The innumerable contributions of Senator Gracchus deserve more than thanks from us.
  • TGP VTI ROGAS: He has my sincere thanks, my profound respect and admiration for all that he has done for Nova Roma.
  • QSP UTI ROGAS: he did a terrific job and his work is greatly appreciated.
  • ECF Uti Rogas
  • CFD Uti Rogas
  • QFM: I thank the Senator for his service, but this was not phrased as a yes or no item.
  • LECA Vti Rogas: Consul Piscinus; `Great idea, Cincinnatus!' Cincinnatus Augur; "You're welcome, Consul! I've always thought highly of my friend Marcus, even when we had disagreed."
  • MAM Uti Rogas: Marcus Octavius is one of the crucial citizens of Nova Roma.
  • AMA Uti Rogas
  • TOPA Uti rogas: Thank you!
  • DIPI Uti rogas: He deserves our thanks and much, much more. He is a gentleman, who has put countless hours and dollars into Nova Roma. Thank you Marcus Octavius Gracchus!
  • GPL Uti Rogas
  • PMA Uti Rogas, recognizing Octavius' true dedication in his technical missions.
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