Senatus consultum on the process of ratification of amendments to the Articles of Incorporation

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I. The Senate of Nova Roma Inc. as its Board of Directors establishes the following as the process to amend the Articles of Incorporation of Nova Roma Inc pursuant to the provisions of TITLE 13-B MAINE NONPROFIT CORPORATION ACT.

II. If a change to the Constitution and/or the enactment of a lex passed in comitia would cause a conflict with the Articles of Incorporation already filed with the Attorney General of the State of Maine, then after such a change or enactment occurs a proposed amendment to the Articles of Incorporation shall be presented to the Senate in the form of a draft Senatus consultum that shall require a vote by way of extraordinary majority to succeed and be passed before the Articles of Incorporation can be so amended.

III. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Nova Roma Inc. the censors as co-secretaries of Nova Roma Inc. shall be the only members of the Senate authorized to file an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation with the Attorney General of the State of Maine.

IV. The definitions provided at section I DEFINITIONS of the Senatus consultum de ratione senatus MMDCCLXV shall be applicable to deriving meaning of a word or phrase included in this Senatus consultum that also appears in that list of definitions.

V. The princeps senatus shall be the final authority on determining the meaning of any part of this Senatus consultum where such meaning is unclear to any member of the Senate, and/or to arbitrate in any dispute between members of the Senate over such meaning.

VI. Upon enactment of this Senatus consultum:

A. The only lawful method of subsequently superseding, amending or repealing this Senatus consultum must be by way of a Senatus consultum that must achieve an extraordinary majority before it can be enacted. Any other method or attempt shall be illegal and forbidden.

B. No other Senatus consultum shall be enacted where the proposed content of which conflicts, negates, overrides, limits or otherwise affects in a negative manner the contents and/or purposes of all or any part of this Senatus consultum, whether directly or indirectly other than by the method at specified at VI.A of this Senatus consultum.

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