Senatus consultum ultimum de bello civili et de consilio directorum corporationis

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I. The senate recognizes that the civil war brought against the Senate and People of Nova Roma by Cn. Caesar, L. Sulla and their faction in the coup during the consulship of M. Pompeius and Sex. Lucilius has approached its end with the victory over Caesar and Sulla, it is not fully over and the crisis hasn't been fully averted. The corporation and the corporate bank account are still not under the control of the republic, and the institutions and bylaws of the corporation are currently invalid. To resolve this crisis, the members of the corporation, who are the citizens of our republic, must elect a Board of Directors and adopt the Constitution of the republic as the bylaws of the corporation.

II. In order to carry out these urgent task, the senate empowers the consuls to take care that republic suffers no harm, and to do whatever they deem best to establish an interim corporate Board of Directors as quickly as possible for the sole purpose to validate and legalize the laws and institutions of the republic within the corporation by making them legally valid under Maine corporate law. To ensure these goals are met, censor A. Tullia Scholastica, until a pair of censores are elected, is empowered to act alone in place of both censors, given the sudden and very sad passing of the censor Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander.

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