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Under the Constitution of Nova Roma, "The Senate shall have the power to issue the Senatus consultum ultimum (the ultimate decree of the Senate). When in effect, this decree will supersede all other governmental bodies and authorities (with the exception of the dictator) and allow the Senate to invest the consuls with absolute powers to deal with a specific situation, subject only to their collegial veto and review by the Senate. Even under the authority of the Senatus consultum ultimum, the consuls may only temporarily suspend this Constitution; they may not enact any permanent changes hereto." (Const. N.R. V.E)

Under the authority of Section V.E of the Nova Roman Constitution the Senate of Nova Roma issues the following senatus consultum ultimum.

1. No official of Nova Roma Inc. or the Republic of Nova Roma shall be at the same time a founder or an official of competing organizations which would include activities or services in the creation, development, and/or working of a Republican Roman State. No member of Nova Roma Inc. or the Republic of Nova Roma shall be allowed to use their her/his membership either to create, develop or promote such competing organizations, or to act negatively towards Nova Roma, its citizenry, its image and reputation, its organization and actions, specifically to allow the creation, development or promotion of competing organizations whose aim is the creation of a Roman Republican State.

2. Nova Roma Inc. is empowered to take every measure to prevent, avoid or eliminate any one of the situations evoked in the article 1, including the rights to refuse the admission of an applicant member, to remove a member of her/his membership, to remove or deprive him/her, for a given time, of all or a part of her/his rights of member and/or of her/his rights, powers, privileges and honors which (s)he may hold inside Nova Roma Inc. or the Republic of Nova Roma, including Article II.B of the Constitution of Nova Roma.

3. For the purposes of this senatus consultum ultimum, the term "official" shall be understood to designate every officer in a representative position in the concerned corporation, as provided by its incorporation Law, its by-laws, or its Board of Directors, including public office or magistracy, civil or religious, central or provincial.

4. The Senate of Nova Roma may also identify, as necessary, any organizations or individuals that may fall under the provisions of this senatus consultum ultumum as defined by articles 1 and 3.

5. The consuls are given direct authority to oversee the application of this senatus consultum ultimum, especially in coordinating the action of all Nova Roma officials in charge of its application and with full authority to interpret and apply its provisions wherever and whenever a question may arise. They shall also ensure that information regarding this senatus consultum ultimum is made available clearly and evidently on the appropriate pages of any Nova Roman website.

6. This senatus consultum ultimum shall remain in force until pridie Kalendas Ianuarias 2765 (December 31, 2011).

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