Senatus consultum ultimum regarding the appointment of quaestors

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1. This Senatus consultum ultimum is issued under the authority of

Section V.E of the Constitution of Nova Roma.

2. The election for quaestors held in 2763 left seven positions vacant

due to a lack of candidates.

3. Section IV.A of the Constitution is unsuitable to deal with that

situation at (2) due to it referring to vacancies "mid-term", whereas

these positions were never filled to begin with. Section III.A.1 Lex

Fabia de ratione comitiorum populi tributorum requires the presiding

magistrate of the elections where vacancies occurred to call for a

follow up election from unsuccessful candidates. The presiding officer

is no longer in office and there were no unsuccessful candidates. The

Constitution and law therefore do not address the current situation.

4. In recognition of the current lack of cista software, the complex

and time consuming alternative electoral process, the lack of

unsuccessful candidates, the uncertainty of sufficient candidates

becoming available in one election call and the Constitution and law

being silent on this specific situation, this Senatus Consultum

Ultimum authorises the Consuls to directly appoint to the office of

Quaestor such persons as are subsequently identified as both willing

to serve in that capacity and who meet the requirements of the Lex

Iunia de magistratuum aetate, the Lex Vedia de cursu honorum, the Lex

Cornelia Iunia de definitione intervallorum magistratuum and the Lex

Salicia de prorogatione et cumulatione. Such appointments shall be

made by consular edicta under the authority of this Senatus consultum


5. This Senatus consultum ultimum shall expire no later than Kalendiis

Septembribus 2764 AUC (1 September AD 2011) or upon the recovery of the cista

software tools in full working order and fully operable by the magistrates and

their staff normally concerned with the conduct of comitia calls and votes,

whichever event shall occur first.

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