Senatus consultum ultimum regarding the purchase of an internet voting program

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The Senate of Nova Roma hereby authorizes the following:

1. the consuls to arrange for, and oversee, the purchase of a year's subscription to "" for the amount of US$800.00 plus any taxes and other charges which may apply.

2. the placement of Quintus Caecilius Metellus Postumianus Pius, under the general authority of the consuls and the direct authority of the censors, in a position from which he may collect, organize, and make any and all necessary arrangements under the "" program to create the Nova Roman CISTA, which will be linked directly to the Nova Roma website as required by applicable law. Once the cista has been created, it shall be accessible to all appropriate magistrates as necessary under Nova Roman law.

3. the consuls to suspend, until pridie Kalendas Ianuarias 2765, the following sections of Nova Roman law: Paragraphs VI.A., VII.A., and VIII.A. of the Lex Moravia de suffragiis in comitiis plebis tributis, as well as 4.A. of the Lex Fabia de ratione comitiorum centuriatorum, and 4.A. of the Lex Fabia de ratione comitiorum populi tributorum in order to use citizen ID number and postal code as identifying factors rather than a "voter code" generated by the Album Civium.

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