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Final Report of the December Session

M. Moravius Piscinus M. Curiatio Complutensi et M. Iulio Severo Consulibus, Tribunibus Plebis, et Senatoribus Patribus Mátribusque Conscriptís s. p. d.

I have decided to accept the votes of the honorable Senator Audens and Senatrix Marcella. Both had participated in our discussions. I trust in their word that they had sent their votes on time, and I am aware that the late reception was the fault of Yahoo in their region rather than their tardiness.

The final report of our December session has been uploaded to the Corporate Resolutions folder in the Senate list files

I have informed Marcus Cassius/Wm. Bradford on the outcome of the Senate polling in regard to Item III. He now waits on the Consules to authorize the completion of our transaction upon transfer of ownership.

The past year had been one of transition. Yet no transition can be fully completed in a single year. My collega T. Iulius and I have provided you with a Senate whose role in overseeing and administering Nova Roma has been heightened. Our finances are now under collective control of the Senate. Senate committees, while established, have yet to develop as an integral part of the Senate and coordinate their work with our magistrates. A first step has been taken towards updating and securing Nova Roma's website, but much more shall be needed this year to take the next step in planning its future. There have also been taken initial steps towards acquiring alternate sources of revenue for Nova Roma, but much more shall be needed before we can expect to finance our goals.

Important first steps have occurred in reactivating and reforming our religious institutions. The veil of secrecy has been lifted so that the Senate may assume its responsibility in overseeing the progress made in this area of Nova Roma. And all of the Senate can see what work is yet ahead for the Collegia. New sacerdotes were adlected last year, broadening our diversity. New Vestals are in training. New religious communities are forming in Nova Roma, and contacts between Nova Roma and other religious communities have been strengthened. Very important, although modest, was the restoration of the feriae Latinae on Mont Albano last April. I hope to build further on this initiative in this year. There is much work yet to do and this year, as Pontifex Maximus, I shall be focusing my efforts in our Collegia. In order to carry out the necessary reforms, the Collegium Pontificum has issued a request to amend the Constitution in a way that shall give the Collegia greater flexibility. Circumstances prevented us from addressing this issue further in the recent elections. I look forard to addressing this matter further with the Consules and the Senate.

While there are those who would point out last year's difficulties as always arise during a period of transition, overall my collega Titus Sabinus and I present you with a more sound organization, on firmer financial ground, a strengthened Senate, a Res Publica Libera seeing steady growth, and progress towards achieving its diverse goals.

Juppiter Dique vos et Rem Publicam servent.

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