Session November 2767

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Senatus Consultum de funere censorio Ti. Galerius Paulinus

I. It was with great sadness that the senate of Nova Roma learned of the death of censorial and consular senator Ti. Galerius Paulinus, tribunus plebis and proconsul Columbiae. The Republic is in grief, and the senate is mourning the loss of their fellow senator, a friend to many, the illustrious Ti. Galerius Paulinus. Our Paulinus was one of the greatest Nova Romans in our res publica, a true Roman and a wonderful man beloved by the citizenry. All members of the senate extend their sincere and deeply felt condolences to the family and friends of senator Ti. Galerius Paulinus, and to the entire citizenry of Nova Roma, for the loss of our excellent fellow citizen.

II. In order to honor the memory of the late illustrious Ti. Galerius Paulinus, to express gratitude for his many great contributions to Nova Roma, for his never ceasing dedication to our commonwealth, and to pay homage to the greatness of his character and importance for Nova Roman history, the senate is hereby awarding and declaring a funus censorium state funeral for vir censorius Ti. Galerius Paulinus, tribunus plebis and proconsul of Columbia, the Senate has authorized a donation of 500 dollars to the family of Ti. Galerius Paulinus toward the costs of the funeral in the name of the Nova Roman People, the Quirites. Recognizing that the actual funeral arranged by the family has been already held pr. Non. Sep. (on 4th September), this funus censorium serves as our separate funerary tribute but also supports the actual funeral financially.

III. The funus censorium of Ti. Galerius Paulinus shall take place in a form of a funerary ritual and sacrifice conducted by one or both of the consuls, based on their agreement. The volunteering consul has the usual authorization to request one of the pontifices to perform the ritual in his or her place.

IV. The funus censorium ritual shall take place on the date appointed by the volunteering consul, and published in a consular edict on the funus censorium of Ti. Paulinus. Before issuing the edict, the consul shall obtain an approval for the chosen day from at least three pontifices because of the calendrical complications of Roman religion. If the consul chooses to perform the ritual through the person of a pontifex, he or she has to arrange the date with the officiating pontifex before publishing the edict.

V. The senate, to further honor the memory of Ti. Galerius Paulinus, hereby officially declares a state mourning for the funeral of Ti. Galerius Paulinus, which shall take place beginning from the day which precedes the funus censorium ritual, and shall last three days.

VI.These three days are declared Dies Nefasti Publici (NP), and, according to the Decretum Pontificum de Diebus III.A., no official state business, no judicial procedure, no comitia shall be held, no edicts shall be issued on these days.

VII. During this state mourning period, the main page of the Nova Roma website shall show nothing else but a tribute to Ti. Galerius Paulinus, his mourning portrait, black flags and similar symbols of grief, and other main portal pages of the website shall contain a black flag and reference to the mouring of Ti. Galerius Paulinus.

VIII. On each day of the state mourning period, the consuls shall take care that there be a daily public message on the official fora of Nova Roma calling the citizens' attention to the mourning and asking for prayers for Ti. Galerius Paulinus.

IX. The senate also instructs all aediles (curule and plebeian) collegially as a body to hold public funerary games in honor and in memory of Ti. Galerius Paulinus no later than within one month after the funus censorium. The memorial funerary games shall be called Ludi Galerii (Galerian Games) and shall include virtual munera gladiatoria and a biography contest about the life and Roman activities of Ti. Paulinus. The rest of the programs, including the length of the games, is at the discretion of the curule and plebeian aediles, but they shall not exceed 5 days.

X. The senate determines that the next coin officially issued by Nova Roma shall remember Ti. Galerius Paulinus.

Voted in favor by 14 members of the Senate.
No votes against.

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