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Senate session report for 15 November 2754 as posted in the “old Tabularium” and published by tribune Titus Labienus Fortunatus.

Tiberius Galerius Paulinus, Censor, 9 August 2761 a.u.c..

Tribunus Plebis T Labienus Fortunatus Quiritibus SPD

The Senate has finished its latest session, and the votes have been tallied. Once again, I ask each Senator who voted to make sure that I have correctly reported his vote and any comments he may have made.

Additionally, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this report, which should have been issued yesterday. Unfortunately, Iuppiter's fulminations and a series of power outages prevented me from performing my duty in a timely manner.

Finally, note that the agenda changed slightly during the Senate's debates. I am therefore reproducing the final agenda below. The changes were minor and reasonable, and were not objected to by any Senator.

The following 15 Senatores cast votes. They are referred to below by their initials, and are listed in alphabetical order by nomen. Patricia Cassia (PC) Marcus Cassius Julianus (MCJ) Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix (LCSF) Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus (LEC) Quintus Fabius Maximus (QFM) Caius Flavius Diocletianus (CFD) Antonius Gryllus Graecus (AGG) Alexander Iulius Caesar Probus Macedonius (AICPM) Decius Iunius Palladius Invictus (DIPI) Titus Labienus Fortunatus (TLF) Gaius Marius Merullus (GMM) Marcus Octavius Germanicus (MOG) Lucius Sergius Australicus Obstinatus (LSAO) Gaius Tullius Triumphius Cicero (GTTC) Flavius Vedius Germanicus (FVG)

The following Senatores did not vote. Marcus Iunius Iulianus Minervina Iucundia Flavia Marcus Minucius Audens

"UTI ROGAS" indicates a vote in favor of an item, "ANTIQUO" is a vote against, and "ABSTINEO" is an abstention.


ITEM I: Diplomatic recognition of the Kingdom of TorHavn


Whereas, the micronation known as the Kingdom of TorHavn shares with Nova Roma a commitment to seriousness of purpose, aspires to] true sovereignty, and exhibits a stability of action and activity, Nova Roma hereby grants official recognition to the Kingdom of] TorHavn as a sovereign entity and equal in the world community.


1 UR, 4 ABS., 10 ANT.: the item has failed.

Votes and opinions

PC: ANTIQUO (No). I would like to again encourage that we develop a set of official criteria for evaluating these applications, and will continue to vote against them until I have some standards to go by.

MJC: ABSTINEO I will be happy to consider this issue again when the policy of Nova Roma regarding such issues has been updated.



QFM: ANTIQUO In so far as recognition of a fellow micronation reflects also on Nova Roma, and it's ideals, TorHavn does not IMO deserve recognition from us at this time.



AICPM: ANTIQUO A recognition of any micro or macronation is a very serious act. The positive vote require a detail knowkledge on goals and structure of this kingdom. Actually we could always recognize them later. So, to ballance the positive votes of colleagues Senators I shall vote "No".

DIPI: ANTIQUO I would favor granting some recognition to Torhaven at some point once we establish a stricter system for judging other micronations. Up until this point we have had a high bar for other micronations to reach--essentially we require a high level of seriousness comparable to ours. Torhaven comes nowhere near to reaching that level of seriousness. They are tiny (despite being just a year younger than us), have a vague focus as to what they stand for and have obscure goals. They do aspire and claim to be serious however and I would favor at some point granting them a type of lesser reconition under a tiered system of foreign relations once we put that policy in place.


CMM: ANTIQUO MOG: ABSTINEO; only because we should first establish a formal policy and set of criteria for evaluating micronations. I certainly have nothing against TorHavn, and hope to recognize them in the future.

LSAO: ABSTINEO I think that the suggestion to update our policy on recognition of other micronational entities before proceeding with this question, is a wise one. GTTC: ANTIQUO FVG : UTI ROGAS TorHavn has agreed to mutual recognition pending our own approval of the measure.

ITEM II - Appointment of governors

2.1. Venedia : Marcus Apollonius Formosanus shall be appointed


3 UR, 1 ABS., 11 ANT.: the item has failed.

Votes and opinions

PC: ANTIQUO. Formosanus has many fine qualities, but I do not believe he has demonstrated the dignitas necessary for a governor. MCJ: ANTIQUO LCSF: ANTIQUO LEC: ANTIQUO QFM: ANTIQUO I had mixed feelings about this. Nevertheless I'm not entirely convinced Marcus Apollonius is only on his best behavior to get this seat. I need to see a sustained effort, with no gain before I'm sure he's changed. CFD: UTI ROGAS I'm sure that this should be done due to the reasons I mentioned in this august body. AGG: ANTIQUO Although I think Formosanus is a valuable citizen in other aspects (namely for the promotion of Latin language), I don't think he can serve well our Respublica as governor. AICPM: ABSTINEO I do remember how we were discussing whether to put this issue to vote or to reject the candidacy of Formosanus. I have tempt you to put it into Senate vote. On the other hand I also remember that I have promised to abstain from voting "Yes". DIPI: ANTIQUO Formosanus has not shown the goodwill to work with the magistrates and the Senate for the good of Nova Roma. TLF: UTI ROGAS The cives Venediae have unanimously endorsed M Apollonius. And, while there has been substantial friction between him and many members of this Senate, I believe that he will do his best to foster an active provincia if appointed. Active provinciae are immensely important to the Respublica, as they, more than anything else, will foster a committed and active citizenry that goes beyond the Internet. This is more important than personal and political differences of opinion. And, should we absolutely fail to be able to work with each other, this body can remove him from the office at any time. CMM: ANTIQUO I vote no. I believe that Formosanus is the strongest Latinist in Nova Roma, and has a great deal to contribute to Nova Roma. I cannot, however, see fit to appointing him to such a vital position given his history of of raising strife and fomenting discontent against the Senate andmagistrates. MOG: ANTIQUO LSAO: ANTIQUO I am not convinced that M. Apollonius Formosanus has in mind the best interests of Nova Roma as a Roman Republic. His zeal for modernizing it it still worries me. GTTC: UTI ROGAS FVG : ANTIQUO

2.2. Lacus Magni: M. Scipiadus Scipio Africanus shall be appointed


The appointment will take effect on next Jan 1st, at the end of the current Praetor's term.


15 UR, 0 ABS., 0 ANT.: the item has passed: M. Scipiadus Scipio Africanus is appointed.

Votes and opinions

The three following senators have made a voting commentary:

  • PC: UTI ROGAS (yes). I am not familiar with Africanus, but his recommendation by Octavius must serve as a powerful argument in his favor.
  • CMM: UTI ROGAS (I think that we should address and refer to this citizen as M Scipio Africanus, as he signed his letter to the Senate)
  • LSAO: UTI ROGAS M. Scipiadus appears qualified, and M. Octavius' recommendation carries much weight.

ITEM III - Official Language Policy


I. Due to the increasingly intermacronational nature of the Citizenship of Nova Roma, it has become necessary for the official language policy of the Republic to be defined, in such a way that acknowledges our historical antecedants, practical concerns, and] the sensibilities of all of our Citizens. To that end, this Senatus Consultum is

adopted. II. Latin is hereby adopted as the official ceremonial language of Nova Roma. As such, it shall be used in rites conducted by the curule magistrates and appointed priests of Nova Roma on behalf of the entire nation, as well as other circumstances where it may be deemed

appropriate. III. English is hereby adopted as the business language of Nova Roma's central government. As such, it shall be used in official communications from and day-to-day business conducted by the central government (defined for purposes of this proviso as the Senate and non-provincial magistrates). Other languages may be used in such communications where deemed appropriate, but an English translation must accompany such communications.

IV. The Curator Sermo shall have the authority to set language] policy for those communications fora under his administration.

V. This policy does not effect in any way languages used in official or unofficial provincial fora, fora maintained by official Sodalitates, or private fora (including but not limited to email lists organized] by private Citizens).


15 UR, 0 ABS., 0 ANT.: the item has passed.

Votes and opinions

α rank Name Mag. Abbr. Vote order Did not vote Item
1 Cassius Iulianus M. - MCC - - UR
2 Cornelius Sulla Felix L. - LCSF - - UR
3 Equitius Cincinnatus L. - LEC - - UR
4 Fabius Maximus Q. - QFM - - UR
5 Flavius Diocletianus C. - CFD - - UR
6 Gryllus Graecus Ant. - AGG - - UR
7 Iunius Palladius Invictus D. - DIPI - - UR
8 Iunius Iulianus M. - MII - X -
9 Labienus Fortunatus T. - TFL - - UR
10 Minucius Audens M. - MMA - X -
11 Octavius Germanicus M. - MOG - - UR
12 Sergius Australicus Obstinatus L. - LAS - - UR
13 Vedius Germanicus Fl. - FVG - - UR
14 Iulius Caesar Probus Macedonius Al. - AICPM - - UR
15 Marius Merullus Gaius - GMM - - UR
16 Iucundia Flavia Minervina - MIF - X -
17 Tullius Triumphius Cicero G. - GCTT - - UR
18 Cassia Pat. - PC - - UR

The following senators have made a voting commentary:

  • PC: This is a very sensible policy and I thank Merullus for drafting it.
  • QFM: UTI ROGAS Marius explained the reasons quite eloquently
  • AGG: UTI ROGAS Although I think that magistrates and senators should make an effort to learn the basics of Latin.
  • DIPI: UTI ROGAS A sound idea that has my wholehearted support.
  • GMM: UTI ROGAS I vote yes. The value of this consultum in my view is its recognition of Latin as official ceremonial language, which I believe can only help us in the long run.
  • MOG: UTI ROGAS (MOG originally voted ANTIQUO; the words "de facto" are incorrect. Once this is removed I will vote "yes".)

Item IV - Sextus Apollonius Tiberius and Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix shall have the benefit of an age exemption for next elections

n.b.: Requires a 2/3 majority to pass.


  • Sextus Apollonius Tiberius: 15 UR, 0 ABS., 0 ANT.: the item has passed;
  • Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix: 11 UR, 2 ABS. (QFM, MOG), 2 ANT. (PC, FVG): the item has passed.

Votes and opinions

Idem Item III.

The following senators have made a voting commentary:

  • On Sextus Apollonius Tiberius:
    • PC: Draco has established a record of service to Nova Roma and I believe he is qualified to run for office.
    • MCJ: I believe that Draco is well deserving of this chance to stand as a candidate, and would do a fine job if elected.
    • QFM: I believe based on the maturity shown in his discussions, he is ready.
    • AICPM: The initiative on serving the Republic may to be supported
    • DIPI: Draco has consistently put the future of Nova Roma ahead of any personal agenda and has a seriousness beyond his years.
    • TLF: If there's anyone who deserves such an exemption, it's Sextus Apollonius.
    • MOG: No one is more deserving. He has proved his commitment time and time again.
    • LSAO: I think it is time for the Republic to avail itself of S. Apollonius' intelligence and enthusiasm.

The following senators have made a voting commentary:

  • On Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix:
    • PC: ANTIQUO (no). While Tiberius Apollonius seems to have some excellent ideas, I would prefer to see him serve NR in some other position before judging his fitness for office.
    • MCJ: UTI ROGAS Although this is Tiberius Appolonius Cicatrix' first application for age exemption, he seems to have both an excellent background and good ideas for his hoped-for position as aedilis plebis.
    • AICPM: UTI ROGAS for the same reasons as above.
    • MOG: ABSTINEO; I really don't know anything about him.
    • LSAO: UTI ROGAS I vote for an exemption for Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix.

Item V - The Senate appoints Caius Puteus Germanicus as Rogator to replace C. Moravius, who has recently resigned


15 UR, 0 ABS., 0 ANT.: the item has passed.

Votes and opinions

Idem Item III.

The following senator has made a voting commentary: LSAO: "I am in favor of appointing a replacement. There appears to be at least one volunteer."



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