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Do not edit it without previous authorization given by Aedilitas curulis staff or by C. Petronius Dexter.

You will find below STOLO, C. Petronius Dexter's young auriga's official aedilician personal file
(updated on Sept. 16, 2008).

Stolo.jpg STOLO
Gender : M
Birthplace: Ephesus
(As. cit.)
Age : 22
Weight librae: 223.1 *
Height pedes/digiti: 6.9 *
Registr. for 2761 in :
Athletics : no
Munera : no
Venationes : no
Circenses : yes
1st registr.: Romani 2761
Sept. 6, 2761 auc.
Patronus : C. Petronius Dexter
Current factio : Veneta
1st chariot : Incitatus
2nd chariot : no
Current value (pts) : 28
Incitatus qu..JPG Incitatus
Essedum's weight: 226.4 *
1st equus : Pegasus
2nd equus : Sirius
3rd equus : Orion
4th equus : Antares

Victories: one
Best race: Novi Romani 2763
March 10, 2763.
Finals (1st)

NB: For the numbers marked by a "*", see the equivalences with
meter and kilogr. at the bottom of this page.

Last Stolo' s news 2761, Sept. 16 --

After his last desaster he was thrown in private jail of his master and flogged per height days.

Birthday MMDCCXLII (1989), a.d.VI Kal. Sext. (July, 27)
Appearance Curled hair, thin and musculous
Habits Every day he gets up before his horses and he goes to bed after his horses, during the day he trains his horses and chariot on the hippostadium
Hobbies He goes riding every day and he hears the Beatles' songs.
Bio Stolo had a happy early youth, playing football with his friends on the beach rather than going to school. But one day he learned bad news: his father, mother and three sisters had died in a plane crash in the Egean Sea.

Sad and orphan at 10, he was rescued by an aunt living in Liverpool, Britannia. He went to school, learned English, and obtained a scholarship grant to study in Oxford, where he entered the rowing team. This is there, in Oxford, that he happened to meet a charioters coach, the famous Lutetia Calidior, aka Parry Hotter.

His first time with these animals Six months long, Stolo trained driving Incitatus in Dexter's private hippostadium, near Arcoialum, Gallia, where Petronius Dexter have a pied-à-terre
Ludi career In his training first time, Stolo drove a quadrige named Mobilis nebula. He even appeared as stunt in one peplum and a few advertising castings. He ran his first race in the Palmyrian syrian desert. Back in Ephesus, all young people acclaimed him like a rock star, and as if he had won. Mobilis nebula was bought by an Arab princeps, and Stolo left Asia Minor to enter an European chariots team. But he heard then that Nova Roma Factio Russata was looking for aurigae. In Gallia, he then met C. Petronius Dexter, who became his patronus and subscribed him in NR Russata. After the Ludi Romani of 2761, as C. Dexter was elected flamen Portunalis and as the Veneta Factio is under the patronage of the God Portunus, Stolo is then subscribed in NR Veneta. He won to the Ludi Novi Romani 2763 but as if gods were jealous of his good fortune he never won more.
Wins Once
Best performance Romani 2761 -- Finalist (2nd) -- Novi Romani 2763 -- Winner

Relation with meter : Pes Palma Digitus
Pes: 1 4 16
Palma : 0.25 1 4
Digitus : 0.0625 0.25 1
Meter : 0.2944 0.0736 0.0184
Relation with kilogr. : Libra Uncia
Libra: 1 12
Uncia : 0.8333 1
Kilo : 0.327 0.2725

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