Titus Flavius Aquila (Election MMDCCLX)

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Tribunus Plebis
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Titus Flavius Aquila

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX


Salvete, Citizens of Nova Roma !

I don the toga candida to address you, my fellow citizens, presenting my candidacy for the Tribunus Plebis in MMDCCLXI A·V·C (2008 CE)

I am Titus Flavius Aquila, German, 49 years old and Nova Roman citizen of Germania Provincia. I am married and have 4 children (Maximilian, Markus, Patrick and Lucian) and in the Macro World I am a Service Level Analyst, responsible for Service Level Agreements with big network providers like AT&T, BT, SITA, T-Systems etc. I am working for a company providing IT technology to the Travel Industry.

Since earliest childhood I have been interested in Rome and I have learned a great deal as a member of the Legion VI VIC.

I am of the Gens Flavia and the Tribus Esquilina, I am of Assiduus status and from plebeian order.

Yes, I am a quite new citizen - I am a citizen since XVI Kalendas Decembres AUC MMDCCLIX (November 16th, 2006) but I am convinced that with my strength and with my ideas we can further develop Nova Roma !

What I might lack in experience I will replace by my ability to learn & listen, with my strong will to strengthen our republic and to represent and protect the people rights of Nova Roma to the best of my ability. I have thoroughly familiarized myself with the laws of Nova Roma.

I promise you, that I will be a very active Tribunus Plebis for the benefit of the people of Nova Roma.

General Achievements so far:

Introduced the 'Temple for the Gods in Rome' Project / Templum dis Roma

Achievements in my home province:

  • I am willing to serve and have requested my appointment as Legatus Pro Praetore Provinciae Germaniae at the pridie Kalendas Septembres MMDCCLX AUC.
  • revived the Forum of NR Germania since March 2007, which had been unused for nearly a year before.
  • performed the consecration of a Villa Rustica in Eigeltingen (near the Lake Constanze), to the Goddess of Ceres and the God Silvanus.
  • introduced Annual Roman Days in Eigeltingen.
  • attracted new citizens.
  • built a Roman Network of interested people to possibly recruit new citizens in the future

We need to further develop our Republic, live up to be an independent and sovereign nation, according to our constitution and we need to get more visible for the outside world.

We need to have more face to face meetings and I would suggest that once per year all Nova Roman citizens will assemble in our eternal city Mater Roma to further strengthen our virtues of concordia and firmitas. Let’s make Roma our annual gathering place. I know that we have regional meetings and that an annual meeting of the citizens will be difficult to achieve, but at least we should try and assemble in the public once per year, to show the world our nation and our republic. I am willing to do so.

I will do everything possible to support necessary for achieving these goals, a sovereign nation and republic, in the interest of the people of Nova Roma.

We need to strengthen as well our government, the Consuls and the Magistrates in their ability to perform the necessary actions to bring our nation forward. Be the two consuls the true leaders of Nova Roma with the necessary power. The senate their consulting body, and the tribunes the control of power to protect the rights of the citizens, according to the constitution of Nova Roma.

Quirites, on these grounds I would like to ask for your votes as Tribunus Plebis, which will be my first step into the Cursus Honorum.

I pray to the Di Immortales that you will be favorably regarding my request to serve as the Tribunus Plebis and that you elect me, to serve you.

Pro Re Publica, Pro Patria !

Di vos incolumes custodiant

Titus Flavius Aquila

Tribunus Plebis Candidatus

Concordia res parvae crescunt, discordia maximae dilabuntur !

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