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The sixth annual Conventus Novae Romae in Europa is organized in Dacia between 30 th of July and 4 th of August this year

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Hodié Non. Quin. Sex. Lucilio (II) A. Tullia (II) cos. MMDCCLXXV a.u.c. est. "D"
Hercules - Herculane


The VI Conventus Novae Romae organized in Dacia is an event which tries to bring to participants the joyful of a trip in harmony with the passion for the ancient roman world.

We will visit historical places and museums. We will participate to debates and we will see movies with roman and dacian theme and in the middle of the meeting participants will spend a day in roman ancient fashion at the roman baths from Thermae Herculi still in use after 2000 years.

The remains of Trajan Bridge, the ancient roman capital of Dacia, Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegethusa and the monument from Densus are places which, near the beautiful landscapes of Romania, will complete yours memories about an area characterized in the tumultuous time of history as an island of latinitas and romanitas in the South Eastern Europe.


  • BY AIR :

Bucharest has two international airports. You can easily reach Bucharest by airplane. A lot of low cost airlines offer cheap flights to Bucharest from all around Europe.

For those of you coming from outside Europe, it might be possible to save money by flying to London, Brussels, Lisabona, Barcelona, Paris or Koln and then going to Bucharest with a low cost flight, rather than flying directly to the Romanian capital.

More information are to:

Henri Coanda International Airport - Otopeni
Aurel Vlaicu International Airport - Baneasa
  • BY TRAIN :

You can reach Bucharest by train too. However if you come from outside Romania it might take a long time, therefore air travel is recommended.

More information about the Romanian train timetable and ticket purchasing are to:

Trains - external routes
Trains - internal routes

We encourage all participants to arrive in Bucharest. Transfers from airports, trains stations to the Conventus headquarter are ensured by citizens of Dacia. For exceptional situations, each participant will receive more information privately: maps, cell numbers, useful addresses and EU emergency telephone numbers.


  • 30 th of July to 31th of July - free accommodation ensured by citizens of Dacia.
  • 31 th July to 3rd of August - accommodation is arranged at Thermae Herculi at Orhideea***.
  • 3rd of August to 4 th of August - free accommodation ensured by citizens of Dacia.


If you want to join in the Sixth Conventus Novae Romae you need to send your reservation to T. Iulius Sabinus at this address

Within 15 days you will have to pay a deposit of 60 Euro or 90 USD (cost of the three days accomodation / person). Failure to make the payment will nullify the reservation.

After 15th of June you will not get a refund of your deposit if you cancel your reservation.

The deadline to send your reservation is May 31st and to pay the deposit is June 15th. After this time we cannot guarantee that there will still be place at Thermae Herculi hotels. In this case the participant will have to look for his own accommodation to take part in the Conventus.

Payments may be made:

  • By bank transfer to the following account: to know the bank account data please contact Fabius Montanus

NOTE: The deadline for reservation and the deposit payment was extended to 20th of June.


Canada Ulterior:


Lacus Magni:





Day 1 - July 30

Place Time Activities
Bucharest - international airports based on arrivals guests are welcomed by citizens of Dacia
Bucharest - Oppidum Bucurestium all day tour of the city, free time
Bucharest - Nova Roma Conventus headquarter 19.30 PM - 20.00 PM official opening of Conventus
Bucharest 20.00 PM - 22.30 PM dinner

Day 2 - July 31

Place Time Activities
Bucharest - Conventus headquarter 06.30 AM departure to Drobeta
Turnu Severin - Drobeta 12.00 AM - 17.00 PM visit of Iron Gates museum & remains of Trajan bridge; debates: The Dacian Wars under Domitian and Trajan.
Orsova - Danube Gorges 18.00 PM - 19.00 PM visit the Statue of Decebalus & Tabula Traiana; debates: The Dacian Wars under Domitian and Trajan.
Herculane Spa - Thermae Herculi 20.00 PM - 23.00 PM accommodation & dinner

Day 3 - August 1

Place Time Activities
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 08.00 AM - 08.30 AM Ludi Herculanenses - Roman day dedicated to Hercules opening.
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 08.30 AM - 10.00 AM Ludi Herculanenses - debates: Nova Roma, present and future.
Herculane - Roman baths 10.30 PM - 14.30 PM Ludi Herculanenses - bath in roman ancient tradition
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 15.30 PM - 17.00 PM Ludi Herculanenses - debates: Nova Roma, Magna Mater Project.
Herculane - Sports area 17.00 PM - 19.00 PM Ludi Herculanenses - harpastum, roman athletics, natatio (inter-provinces competitions)
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 19.30 PM - 20.00 PM Ludi Herculanenses - Certamen Ovidianum
Herculane - Festive area 20.00 PM - 22.00 PM Ludi Herculanenses - roman banquet
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 22.00 PM - 24.00 PM Ludi Herculanenses - movie night: The Dacians

Day 4 - August 2

Place Time Activities
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 08.00 AM departure to Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegethusa
Ulpia Traiana 10.00 AM - 15.00 PM visit of Ulpia Traiana Dacica Sarmizegethusa
Densus 16.00 PM - 18.00 PM visit of monument
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 20.30 PM - 22.00 PM dinner
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 22.00 PM - 24.00 PM movie night: The Column

Day 5 - August 3

Place Time Activities
Herculane - Thermae Herculi 08.00 AM departure to Bucharest
Bucharest 15.00 PM - 18.00 PM visit of National Museum of History - Lapidarium
Bucharest 18.00 PM - 20.00 PM tour of the city, shopping, free time
Bucharest 20.00 PM - 22.00 PM dinner, official closing of Conventus

Day 6 - August 4

Place Time Activities
Bucharest - Oppidum Bucurestium during the day shopping, free time
Bucharest - international airports based on departures guests are accompanied by citizens of Dacia

Note: All activities are strictly optional! Guests are free to arrange their own activities and the organizers will be happy to make suggestions.


Visit the information page of Conventus.

For any further information about the VI Conventus you can contact the Conventus organizer


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