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The Certamen Petronianum II is the highest profile literary competition of Nova Roma, organized by the aedilis plebis A. Iulius Paterculus, with renowned international award-winning author, writer and poet Jo Walton as the chair of the contest Jury. Our previous Certamen Petronianum was presided by famous Roman novel author Dr. Colleen McCullough and Roman history scholar and author Prof. Dr. Peter Wiseman. Our current edition honors the memory of our previous jury member Colleen McCullough who deceased this year.
Participate in the competition and win accommodation near the eternal city, Rome, in the Dea Diana B&B, assortments of Roman spices and valuable original Roman coins!
For more information, visit the Certamen Petronianum II Webpage

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Vox Romana is a free monthly podcast about all things Roman.

The Team

Vox Romana is an international team of people from different cultural backgrounds, with diverse talents, interests, and expertise, but all sharing in a common love of Roman culture.

Marca Hortensia Maior
Audio & Website Technician 
Gaius Curius Saturninus
Aula Tullia Scholastica, Aulus Apollonius Cordus, Marcus Horatius Piscinus, Aulus Gratius Avitus,Cn. Salvius Astur, Publius Memmius Albucius, C. Petronius Dexter
Lucius Arminius Faustus



1. Introduction (Hortensia) | 2. Classical News (Hortensia) | 3. The Roman Calendar part 1 (Saturninus) | 4. Plinian Rough Mix (Meredith Bragg) | 5. Aeneid (Anna) | 6. Sign off (Hortensia) Listen (MP3)


1. Introduction (Hortensia) | 2. Classical News (Albucius) | 3. Roman Religion, Part 2 (Astur) | 4. Latin Dialogue (Hortensia, Albucius, Astur, Anna) | 5. Local Nova Roma News | 6. Aeneid (Faustus in Latin, Anna in English) | 7. Sign off (Hortensia) Listen (MP3)


1. Introduction (Hortensia) | 2. Classical News (Albucius) | 3. Roman Religion, part 1 (Astur) | 4. Latin dialogue (Hortensia, Astur, Albucius) | 5. News for Novaromani (Finnica) | 6. Aeneid Latin (Faustus) | 7. Aeneid English (Hortensia) Listen (MP3)


1. News (Hortensia) | 2. Martialis (Faustus) | 3. Conversational Latin (Hortensia & Astur) | 4. Saturnalia gifts (Hortensia) | 5. Christmas carol in Latin (Finnica) Listen (MP3)


1. Introduction (Cordus) | 2. News (Cordus) | 3. Legio VIIII (Astur) | 4. Book Review (Cordus) | 5. Conversational Latin (Cordus & Avitus & Scholastica & Kerastes) | 6. Aeneaid Latin (Scholastica) | 7. Aeneid English (Cordus) Listen (MP3)


1. Introduction (Cordus) | 2. "News" (Cordus) | 3. Ab Urbe Condita (Maior & Cordus) | 4. Conversational Latin (Cordus & Avitus & Scholastica) | 5. How to make Mulsum (Cordus) | 6. Aeneid Reading (Cordus & Scholastica) Listen (MP3)

Heard on the podcast

B00108YGRY.01.MZZZZZZZ.jpg Silver Sonya by Meredith Bragg (Performer)

CD containing the song Plinian, as featured on the Vox Romana podcast. This song is based on letters from Pliny the Younger, published as Book Six, numbers XVI and XX.
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Virgil (Author), Robert Fitzgerald (Translator). (1990). Vintage. ISBN 0679729526
Paperback. The venerable Fitzgerald translation in verse.
Buy from Amazon: Canada UK USA


Virgil (Author), David West (Introduction, Translator). (2003). Penguin Classics. ISBN 0140449329
Paperback. A new prose translation.
Buy from Amazon: Canada UK USA

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