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Our society

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The equestrian order
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Assidui - Capite censi

Social structure of Nova Roma

The ordo equester (equestrian order or knightly order) of Nova Roma consist of the highest standing citizens who excel in their service to the republic, either by public service, or by financial contribution to the treasury. A knight (or equestrian) in Latin is called an "eques" (in plural: equites). In ancient Rome, the ordo equester was originally made up of those citizens who could afford their own horses and equipment, who would then make up the cavalry of the army. During the republic, the equites became the elite club of citizens. In Nova Roma, we have adopted the ordo equester to encourage contributions and activity in service of our community, and to reward those who sacrificed the most and worked the hardest way for our res publica.

According to the moral laws of the mos maiorum, only equites are allowed to wear tunica with the narrow purple stripes.


Membership in the ordo equester

View the current list of Equestrians.

There are various ways to become a member of the equestrian order of Nova Roma, a prerequisite to all gateways is to be an assiduus citizen.

The default gateway to the knighthood is to have a certain amount of census points for service in Nova Roma. Citizens who have at least 220 census points are enrolled automatically and permanently to the equestrian order, no further action is required.

Besides the default membership by census points, there are other three alternative ways to become an equestrian.

There are two alternative ways by financial contribution which give only a one year membership, valid only for the year in which the financial contribution is made, and membership has to be renewed each year:
1. You can pay the minimum amount set annually by the curator aerarii for business contributions by any citizen operating a business within Nova Roma, or legally utilizing any assets of Nova Roma. This business contribution gives only one year membership in the equestrian order, .
2. You can donate the minimum amount set annually by the curator aerarii for donative contributions for equestrian order membership.
And last, there is a way to become equestrian as an award given by the censores. Each censor has the right to select a citizen to be awarded by equestrian status for outstanding service to Nova Roma. A censor may only choose one citizen during his two year term as censor. Membership of the Ordo through this means does not result in advance for the citizen in the centuries and classes.

Run a Roman-themed business, offer Rome-related services, and become an equestrian

You can right now, at the first day of your citizenship, become an equestrian if you run a Roman-oriented business or you sell Rome-related products or services. Read about how to become a registered merchant of Nova Roma. Not all registered merchants are automatically members of the equestrian order, though, but only those who pay the required amount of business contribution set annually by the curator aerarii.

How to apply for membership in the equestrian order?

If you have at least 220 census points, contact the censores and ask them to register you as an equestrian. If you don't have 220 census points, contact the censores and ask them about the details of the financial contribution needed for yearly membership.


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