Feriae Latinae (SVR)

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The Curatores of The Societas Via Romana cordially invite all interested Citizens of Nova Roma, all Romans in Spirit, and all other Roman Culture Enthusiasts to join us in Austin, Texas, on a. d. XII Kalendas Maias (20 April), Ab Urbe Condita MMDCCLXI (2008 CE) for the Feriae Latinae. Website: http://www.frumentarii.com/svr/Welcome.html

What are the Feriae Latinae?

  • The original Feriae Latinae was a celebration of unity among the Latins, and later of unity between Rome and Latium;
  • It was a time for resolving disputes between Latin towns;
  • A Sacred Truce was enforced and hostilities banned during this time;
  • Atop Mons Albanus in Latium the Consuls appeared to participate in a sacrifice to Iuppiter Latiaris (Latin Jupiter);
  • The remains of the the sacrifice were then shared out among the participant towns and Rome, giving all the benefit of the blessing.

What it means today:

  • The celebration was about unity;
  • It was a celebration of the kind of respect and solidarity that we hope for among today's various Roman and Roman Religious groups; and
  • Since the Feriae Latinae are being held on April 20, by chance or design, the following day, April 21st, will be the Dies Natalis Urbis Romae Ipsius. (A double Roman unity bonanza, as it were.) We hope that all lovers of Rome will join together this April in celebrating the eternal spirit of Roma ipsa, as well as the determination, dedication and common enthusiasm seen among all modern Romans.

Optime valete!

Quintus Servilius Priscus, Curator

Valerius Claudius Iohannes, Curator

On behalf of The Societas Via Romana

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