Festival of Antiquity in Plovdiv - Philippopolis

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Date: May 24, 2012 - May 26, 2012
Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian cultural organization SASR SILA, in cooperation with Bulgarian citizens of Nova Roma, led by - A. Vitellius Celsus, and sponsored by the Municipality of Plovdiv, organize for the fourth consecutive year a festival dedicated to the ancient past of the city. Scenes from everyday life in antiquity will be recreated – gladiator battles, sacred rituals, celebrations of the 2000 anniversary of the founding of the province of Moesia, living history, Roman cuisine and more. We invite everyone interested in the ancient history of our city to come and become part of it.

This is organized as an international Nova Roman event, and serves as an international convention of the citizens of Nova Roma, with participants of Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Estonia, representing Provincia Pannonia, Provincia Sarmatia and the territory of Bulgaria (not yet a province).

Official announcement on the Plovdiv Municipality website:

Media reports and photos taken at the event:


Nova Roman participants

Programme - 2012

24th May (Thursday) – Ancient Theatre:

15:00 – Procession through the ancient sites in Plovdiv
17:00 – Opening of the Festival in the Ancient Theatre
17:30 – Ritual Aspicium (bird auspice)
18:00 – Lustration (cathartic ritual)
18:30 – Entering manhood ritual
19:00 – Pankration – ancient fighting
19:30 – Gladiator battles
20:00 – Ancient rite

25th May (Friday) – Odeon:

16:00 – A brief history of the Roman conquest of Thrace
16:30 – Ritual Aspicium (bird auspice)
16:30 – Lustration (cathartic ritual)
17:00 – Entering manhood ritual
17:30 – Slave market
18:00 – Roman wedding
18:30 – Gladiator battles
19:00 – Ancient fashion
19:30 – Ancient weaponry and demonstrations

26th May (Saturday) – Roman Stadium:

10:00 – Ancient fashion
10:30 – Ancient weaponry and demonstrations
11:00 – Roman wedding
11:30 – Open-air museum
11:30 – Roman cuisine

The event is organized with the active assistance of the Regional governor of Plovdiv District, Mayor of Plovdiv, Municipal Enterprise for Tourism - Plovdiv.

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