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Tabularium of Nova Roma

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This lex is currently IN FORCE.

Approved by comitia centuriata
Yes: 21 No: 0 Abs.: 0
prid. Kal. Ian. Sex. Lucilio (II) A. Tullia (II) cos. MMDCCLXXV a.u.c.

The following tributes and adjustments are to be made before our New Roman Nation enters its 25th Anniversary Year:

I. Tributes in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Founding of Nova Roma

At the beginning of the Year of the 25 Anniversary of Nova Roma, the Sacred Year of Concordia, celebrating a quarter of a century of the revival of the populus Romanus and its mos maiorum, sacra and res publica, the Nova Roman People of the Quirites are hereby awarding 25 Census Points, as Award Points with the title “25th Anniversary Award,” to those citizens who have been loyal citizens of Nova Roma since our first year, one Award Point for each year, effective on the 25th Birthday of Nova Roma, on the next Kalends of March.

A. This includes citizens whose date of citizenship is anytime between the Kalends of March of Fl. Vedio M. Cassio cos. (2751/1998) and the Kalends of March of L. Equitio D. Iunio cos. (2752/1999).

B. The awarded citizens who are cives censi, active citizens of Nova Roma on the day of the 25th Anniversary of Nova Roma, will receive the award on these Kalends of March. Those citizens who did not register on the census will receive the award upon their registration at the Censorial Office.

C. In this happy moment of our 25th Anniversary, as a part of the celebration of the existence and survival of Nova Roma, the Nova Roman People recognizes all citizens who contributed to the saving of Nova Roma from the years of turmoil and, by doing so, filled an important role in the current growth and expansion of our res publica. Citizens who participated in the efforts of defending Nova Roma as members of one of the legiones et cohortes liberatoriae, as defined by the relevant decrees of the Senate, shall receive 25 Census Points as Award Points with the title “Victory Award,” as a tribute to our 25th Anniversary.

D. It is the order of the Nova Roman People of the Quirites that the magistrates, the senate and our priesthood shall take care that the entire year starting from the next Kalends of January shall be spent with prayer, celebrations, festivals, games and programs in honor of, and in gratitude for, the completion of this quarter of a century in the history of Nova Roma.

II. Adjustments to make our Tabularium orderly for the Sacred Year

As part of the festive preparations, the Nova Roman People wishes to put a few old laws in order and up to date for this new era of Nova Roma.

A. Adjustments to the lex Apula Popillia de nominibus approbationibusque

1. In section I.A.1, the praenomen “Vibius”/”Vibia” shall be removed from the list.

2. In section I.A.3, the three sentence part starting with the words “Honorary cognomina” and ending with “application stage” shall be changed to read as follows:

“Honorary cognomina are conferred upon a citizen by special dispensation. They can be awarded by a vote of the Senate in recognition of service to Nova Roma. They are not available to be chosen at the application stage.”

3. Section I.B.2.c shall be changed to read as follows:

“The adopted party will be able to retain his/her praenomen and cognomina should he/she wish to, so long as the adopting parent agrees.”

4. The new paragraph I.B.4 shall be added, as follows:

“There exists the possibility of administrative name correction, permitted only in very limited cases upon the request of the citizen, at the discretion of the Censorial Office. In the case of administrative name correction, citizens who made a mistake in choosing their praenomen, nomen, cognomen, or cognomina, at the time of their application for citizenship may be allowed to correct their names, even their nomen gentilicium. If a citizen corrects his name by administrative name correction process, any connection to his or her original gens is eliminated, and all public records shall show only the new name of the citizen (only the Censorial Database must archive the previous version of the name), and the citizen has to be regarded as if he or she had always had this name. The censores are especially encouraged to allow all such name corrections when incorrect or unhistorical names are being corrected to authentic ones, but they shall compel the citizens to change as few parts, and to change as little in their name, as possible. As a general guideline to the Censorial Office, citizens who are unknown to the wide public of Nova Roma always should be allowed to correct their names. Well-known citizens should not take up a completely new name, but additions of new cognomina may be tolerated.”

B. Adjustments to the lex Arria de censu civium aestimando

In section III.A.4., the phrase “rounded down” shall be changed to “rounded up,” and at the end of the section, the following sentence shall be added:

“The curator rei informaticae is authorized to issue rules of counting partial Past Service Points in edict that are different from the one set forth by this law if there are technical problems with the program of the censorial database.”

C. Adjustments to the lex Tullia de comitiis habendis

Paragraph II.C.1 shall be changed to read as follows:

“The officials administering the voting procedure are the rogatores, diribitores and the custodes, appointed by the presiding officer shortly before the comitia, or by the edict of summons, for the duration of the comitia. Their term of office ends automatically when the comitia for which they have been appointed are dissolved, however, if they are renewed for another comitia within a month, their new appointment shall be considered the continuation of their previous appointment, and it shall be accounted as one term. Any additional appointments to these offices that happen within a month after the previous shall be counted as one term, and this method of accounting their term of office shall be applied retroactively for past election officials that were appointed by magistrates, as well. They shall uniformly receive service points according to the lex Arria de censu civium aestimando III.A.7.c.ii, as “4th rank Officials: Apparitor (accensus, scriba, praeco, lictor etc)”. Only assidui can be appointed, and the presiding magistrate is not allowed to occupy these offices.”
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