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This is the office of the Praetor Gaius Aemilius Crassus for MMDCCLXVI a.u.c

Praetor-logo.png This page is maintained under authority of the Praetores. Make no unauthorized changes .


Oaths of Office of the Praetores

Oaths of Office of all other magistrates Cn. Caesare C. Tullio cos. MMDCCLXV a.u.c.

Name Office Date Forum message ref
+ + + +

Public State Forums under Praetorial jursidiction


Cohors Praetoria

Edicta of the Praetores

Status Number Praetor Forum message ref Subject
+ + + + +

Edicta of all other Magistrates Cn. Caesare C. Tullio cos. MMDCCLXV a.u.c.

Subject Magistrate Message Issued Status
+ + + + +

Album iudicum

The Album iudicum (Nova Roma) is a list of all the citizens that can legally judge a case and includes the names of all the assidui citizens that have been citizens of Nova Roma for over a year.

Trials Cn. Caesare C. Tullio cos. MMDCCLXV a.u.c.

Actor & Reus Date commenced Status


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