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Note: This page is a duplicate of the original page, created as an archive copy only.


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Factiones: Factio Praesina, Factio Albata‎, Factio Russata, Factio Veneta

Other pages of interest: Circenses championship, Circenses rules, Ludi pages, Aedile portal


Ludi - Games

Above you can see a list of different festivals celebrated throughout the year according the Roman Calendar. The festivals are arranged in order of occurrance. Not all festivals are however celebrated every year in Nova Roma. The ones celebrated this year are marked with asterisk. To find out more information, ancient and modern, about any of the festivals please click the name of it.

Different festivals are arranged by different magistrates, and after the name of the festival you can see: festivals marked with CA are organised by Curule Aediles and PA by Plebeian Aediles.

To find out when and how you can take part into the games, please see for more information at the pages of individual ludi and from the Aedile Portal page.

Regulae Ludorum - Rules for the competitions

Ludi Circenses Championship

During the year winners of the races recieve points from their victories and in the end of the year most succesful driver-chariot is rewarded. See more in the championship page.

Factiones - Racing factions

Category:Events for Romans

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