Codex Juris: Ius Edicendi

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Ius Edicendi

This book contains all the legislation on the right enjoyed by curule magistrates (i.e., aediles, praetors) and other offices defined under law (i.e., governors of provinces and special apparitors) to make edicts with respect to their sphere of jurisdiction.


Magisterial Decrees (Edicta)

The basis of edicta within Nova Roma can be found in Article I of the Lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda.

Primary Legislation Description Modifying Leges Modifying Senatus Consulta Modifying Edicta Related or Complimentry Legislation General Praetores Commentary
Lex Vedia de ratione edictorum

(#X, 2752)

About the guidelines for the issuance of magisterial edicta.
Lex Arria de edictis

(#CLII, 2774)

About the duration of edicts and the requirements for magistrates to confirm or revoke previous edicts.

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