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Provincia Dacia Nova Roma report to the Senate.

T. Iulius Sabinus consul: Senatoribus Patribus Mátribusque Conscriptís, salutem plurimam dicit:

This year, Dacia citizens activities were directed to participation at international or national Roman events: Novae Roman Festival and VI Conventus Novae Romae. At these events we tried to promote Nova Roma and Roman Religion. In the same time good relations with other groups, with roman related interest, were strengthen.

  • Membership.

Dacia has 20 citizens. The citizens' number is the same as in the last year. The Nova Roma site was translated in Romanian in great proportion. That is good option for non English speakers from our country to understand what is Nova Roma and which are it objectives. The time can prove if this effort of translating is good tool of increasing the citizens' number. However, this time, I report a stagnation of the interest in citizenship.

  • Events.

The citizens' participation at various events represent a great opportunity to strength their friendly and good relations. This year, Dacia organized the VI Conventus Novae Romae. It was a major event and it required a huge amount of work. Dacia was considered a young province inside Nova Roma, but now, I'm proud to say, because the Conventus organization, Dacia received it own deserving place among the other experienced Nova Roma's provinces.

  • Projects.

In the year 8 AD, the great roman poet Publius Ovidius Nasso was exiled by the Emperor Augustus to Tomis. His sad journey started 2000 years ago and in the spring of the year 9 AD he arrived at Tomis the place where he lived until his death in 17 AD. To commemorate Ovidius arrival in our land, my plan is to organize at Tomis a two days meeting, in the spring - summer of 2009.

Last year our expectations were to set in Dacia a second oppidum. It's still possible to resolve it until the end of this year. If not, we'll continue with the project in 2009. This moment oppidum Bucurestium is active.

  • Budget.
Anticipated revenue from the province:

In 2009 I will try to keep the same good rate until now. In the interval 2005 - 2008, 90% of Dacia citizens were active and assidui.

Description of the fundraising activities planed:

No fundraising activities are planned for the next year.

Anticipated expenses within the province:

From the total amount of taxes, a half will remain in province. It will be used to pay the Dacia website domain and hosting. Here I want to point out that in order to save some money I started to move the provincial web site content to the Nova Roma wiki. The wiki system offer good conditions for hosting and I don't see any reason to keep provincial web sites based by their own domain.

Description of provincial activities necessiting expenditure:

Nothing is planned at this moment.

  • Communications.
-The website of Provincia Dacia is since 2005 at this address: Dacia Nova Roma.
-To wiki Dacia is at this address: Provincia Dacia
-Provincia Dacia mailing list is at this address: Dacia NR
-Dacia magistrates and the editors of Dacia webzine have their own mailing lists:Trium Daciarum and Dacia newsletter.
  • Provincial magistrates.

Next year I plan a change in the Dacia provincial magistrates system based of a more accurate historical model. For this year I want to distinguish the procurator of Dacia, Op. Fabius Montanus for his excellent commitments.

  • Roman religion.

The Temple of Mercurius works well and next year it will have its own domain on the net.

As Nova Roma pontifex and sacerdos Mercurii I will continue in active and practical way with the Roman Religion in my area following the Collegium Pontificum decisions.

  • Conclusions.

All things are working properly in Dacia. As a recommendation I urge the provincial magistrates and more experienced citizens to pay more attention to the recruitment of new and active citizens as the only possible way for the future development of the province.

  • I will continue as governor of Dacia.
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