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Unknown Citizen.jpg Titus Flavius Aquila

Candidate for quaestor.
Album Civium


Salvete Quirites, Salvete Citizens of Nova Roma !

I don the toga candida to address you, my fellow citizens, presenting my candidacy for the quaestor magistrate position in MMDCCLXII, (2009).

I am Titus Flavius Aquila, German, 49 years old and Nova Roman citizen since C. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. MMDCCLIX a.u.c. and live in the Germania Provincia. I am married and have 4 children (Maximilian, Markus, Patrick and Lucian).

I am a Service Level Analyst, responsible for Service Level Agreements with big network providers like AT&T, BT, COLT, SITA, T-Systems etc. I am working for a company providing IT technology to the Travel Industry.

I am also a controller of a non profit organization in Germany and thus having financial expertise.

I am of the Gens Flavia and the Tribus Galeria, I am of assidui status and from plebeian order.

I am willing to learn & listen, with my strong will to strengthen our republic to the best of my ability. I have thoroughly familiarized myself with the laws of Nova Roma applicable .

My background in Nova Roma:

General achievements so far:

Introduced the 'Temple for the Gods in Rome' Project. Successfully incorporated in the sodalitas proDIIS, A temple for the Gods in Rome.

Achievements in my home province:

As legatus pro praetore Provinciae Germaniae :

  • Created a new website for my provincia. Currently only available in German, the English version to come soon; Provincia Germania.
  • Increased the number of citizens by 30%.
  • Built a Roman Network of interested people to possibly recruit new

citizens in the future.

  • Planning to involve my provincia in big Roman events in Germania.

We need to further develop our Republic, live up to be an independent and sovereign nation, according to our constitution and we need to get more visible for the outside world.

I will do everything possible to support necessary for achieving these goals, in the interest of the people of Nova Roma.

We need to strengthen as well our government, the Consuls and the Magistrates in their ability to perform the necessary actions to bring our nation forward. This I will support as quaestor.

Quirites, on these grounds, I would like to ask for your votes as quaestor, which will be my first step into the Cursus Honorum , following the cursus honorum of our ancestors.

I pray to the Di Immortales that you will be favorably regarding my request to serve as quaestor and that you elect me, to serve you.

Pro Re Publica, Pro Patria !

Di vos incolumes custodiant

Titus Flavius Aquila

Quaestor Candidatus.

Concordia res parvae crescunt, discordia maximae dilabuntur !

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