Law Revision Committee of Classicists and Latinists

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The Law Revision Committee of Classicists and Latinists was originally established in Q. Arrio (III) A. Tullia cos. MMDCCLXXIV a.u.c. under the praetorial edict Edictum praetorium de correctione C. Barosi de nominibus nonnullarum legum corrigendis.

The committee was established as a way of meeting the intent of the Declaration of Nova Roma to ensure that new and proposed legislation was considered by experienced citizens with a formal education consisting of a master’s degree, university diploma or equivalent, in the field of Latin language and literature or from classical philology and classicist study. The review the committee provides allows Nova Roma to maintain a level of Roman integrity and accurate Latin language usage in all formal policy and legislative documents.

Any one committee member can provide solicited feedback and endorsement of any new or proposed policy, charter or legislation.

Mandated and Optional Services

  • All citizens seeking to establish a municipality in Nova Roma must receive an endorsement by the committee for any charter, including a: constitutio, foedus, regula, lex coloniae, or lex municipii.
  • Magistrates and governors can and are recommended to consult the committee for all proposed edicta and new leges as appropriate.

Current Committee Appointments

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