Lex Cornelia de tabulis gentium novaromanarum agendis (Nova Roma)

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Pursuant to the Constitution of Nova Roma (II.D.1 and II.D.3) The Comitia Populi Tributa of the People of Nova Roma hereby enact this lex concerning the registration of Gentes, Patresfamiliarum, and Matresfamiliarum with the Office of the Censors. (For the purpose of this lex, the use of the word paterfamilias will include both Paterfamilias and Materfamilias).

I. Each Gens shall be registered with the office of the Censors every year.

II. Registration of Gentes must be completed by the last day of June.

III. The censors must announce the opening of the registration period at least eight (8) weeks before the deadline on the official Nova Roma e-mail list.

IV. Patresfamiliarum are responsible for contacting the Censores using any of these methods:

A. Send an e-mail to the Censors via the official e-mail address of the Office of the Censors, which is censors@novaroma.org at the time of the passage of this lex.

B. Mail a written statement to the Nova Roma post office box.

C. Complete a form on the Nova Roma web site, the address of which shall be specified by the Censores at the beginning of the registration period.

V. The current official address of all Nova Roma Mail correspondence is:

Nova Roma P.O. Box 1897, Wells, ME 04090

At the time of the passage of this lex, the above address is the official address. If the official address changes in the future, the new mailing address should be utilized.

VI. When the deadline is reached, the Censors must publish a list of Gentes that have failed to register with the Office of the Censors. This list must be published on the official Nova Roma email lists, are currently located at novaroma@yahoogroups.com and novaromaannounce@yahoogroups.com.

VII. A Gens that has failed to register with the office of Censors is considered to have NO Paterfamilias. If there are other members of that gens the Censors must work with the Gens to select a new Paterfamilias.

VIII. A Gens that has failed to register with the office of the Censors, and which has no member other than its paterfamilias, shall be removed from the Album Gentium. Its former members shall be considered to belong to no Gens, and shall be given the nomen "Nemo". The nomen formerly used by that Gens will be considered unused and available for future applicants.

IX. Patresfamiliarum who are unable to communicate with the office of Censors may appoint a designate within the Gens to act as Paterfamilias. However, notification must be on file in the office of the Censor(es).

X. During the period of time when there is no paterfamilias in the Gens, the Gens will remain static. No new admissions may take place.

XI. While a Gens is still trying to pick a new paterfamilias, that gens will be listed as closed for new citizens' recruitment. The new paterfamilias must notify the Censors upon receipt of the position of Paterfamilias if he/she wants to reopen the gens for new members.

XII. The following are procedures that must be followed before individual(s) of a gens may be allowed to change gens affiliations due to Patresfamiliarum who are shown to be inactive and non-responsive as a result of the registration process.

A. Once a Pater has failed to respond, the Censores contact the other members of the gens and see if there is any of them willing to be a paterfamilias. The deadline for this process to begin is two weeks from the end of the registration period.

B. If there is just one responsive candidate, he is appointed as the new Paterfamilias, and the gens is then registered.

C. If there is more than one responsive candidate, a decision must be taken as to who the new Pater would be. The exact process for this would be left up to the gens to decide. If member of the gens report to the Censors that they are at an impasse the following two factors may be used to break the impasse:

1. If there is a tie between two members who would become the new Paterfamilias the Century point totals of the candidates would be used as the tie breaker.

2. If there is a tie in century points then the length of citizenship would be utilized to break that tie.

D. After the two-week period has expired, and no responsive candidate has come forward, those remaining gens members will be given the Nomen "Nemo." Each Gens member will be asked to either create a new Gens or join an existing gens. The nomen formerly used by that Gens will be considered unused and available for future applicants.

Passed by Comitia Populi Tributa, Yes-28; No-6; Abstain-0

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