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The arrangements for choosing a host province for each year's Conventus are set out in this Pactum de Conventu. The governor of each participating province issues an edictum subscribing to the Pactum. The Pactum was first ratified Cn. Salvio Cn. Equitio cos. MMDCCLVII a.u.c..




The Conventus Novae Romae directly follows the Nova Roma Rally which was born in 2755 A.V.C. The Conventus is a yearly event taking place between July and August. Its aim is to offer all the cives of Nova Roma the opportunity to meet in a European locality to discuss, stay together and strengthen the sense of unity within the res publica.

I. Venue of the Conventus Novae Romae

The venue of the Conventus, chosen by the Collegium Interprovinciale upon candidacy, has to be a locality in Europe. Only those provinciae whose governors undersigned this convention can host the Conventus Novae Romae.

II. Candidacies

Every year each governor can propose one locality only within his provincia as a candidate to host the Conventus Novae Romae. Such candidacy has to be submitted to the Collegium Interprovinciale two years in advance, between January 1st and April 30th.

The candidacy shall include: - the name of the locality; - a map of Europe and a national one indicating the exact position of the locality; - the reasons for choosing such locality and a description of the locality itself; - the kind of links between the running locality and the rest of Europe; - a description of what the Provincia can offer for the organization and the success of the Conventus; - any element deemed useful for the decision of the Collegium Interprovinciale.

III. Collegium Interprovinciale

A committee named Collegium Interprovinciale has the task of electing the localities which shall host the Conventus Novae Romae. The Collegium Interprovinciale is composed of a representative of each provincia which undersign this convention. Each representative is appointed by the governor of his provincia and has to be at least 18 years old. Governors can not be members of the Collegium, therefore should a member become governor he shall be replaced.

Each member continues in office for two years, and every year, on 1st January, a part of the Collegium is renewed: - in even years the representatives of Britannia, Germania, Italia and Pannonia are renewed, should such provinciae undersign the convention; - in odd years the representatives of Gallia, Hibernia, Hispania, Thule and Venedia shall be renewed, should such provinciae undersign the convention. Governors can reappoint the representatives of their provinciae to the post.

Every year one of the two Aediles Curules shall be the President of the Collegium. They shall choose upon mutual agreement the one holding such position.

IV. Choice of the venue of the Conventus

Among all of the running localities the Collegium Interprovinciale shall elect the venue of the Conventus. The elected locality will be the one hosting the Conventus Novae Romae during the second year after the voting.

While choosing the venue of the Conventus the Collegium shall consider the following: - adequacy of the resources offered by the provincia for the organization of the Conventus; - links of the locality with the other provinciae; - distance from the last time the provincia hosted the Conventus.

The voting, presided over by the President of the Collegium, takes place between September 1st and September 15th of each year. The locality which gets more votes shall be the winner. The result shall be publicly announced by the President between September 16th and 30th. Until that date not even the Collegium Interprovinciale shall know the result of the voting. Only after the announce of the result, as a guaranty of non-manipulation, the President shall communicate the Collegium the vote of each member. Should the result having been manipulated it will be the Collegium's task to publicly rectify what was announced by the President, or it will be the President's task to rectify what he previously declared.

V. Organization of the Conventus Novae Romae

The Conventus Novae Romae shall take place during the first half of August, and shall last no less than three days and no more than five, not including arrivals and departures. The organization of the Conventus and the assistance to the cives who want to participate is fully up to the host provincia.

Not after January 1st of the year the Conventus shall take place in the provincia shall provide with a web site including: - the program, final if possible, of the Conventus (minor modifications can be made after); - all relevant information on the accomodation of the participants; - information on national and international transportations to reach the venue of the Conventus; - any further information deemed necessary.

Should it be deemed necessary to ask for inscription to the Conventus, the date to start gathering inscriptions is January 1st. The deadline to send inscriptions to the Conventus is established by the host provincia.

It is strongly recommended to include in the program of every Conventus Novae Romae the following points: - official opening of the Conventus with speech of the governor of the host provincia, said by the governor himself or by a deputy; - Roman dinner; - At least half a day of re-enactment where the participants may take part to the various activities wearing Roman clothes.

The program of the Conventus can be enriched by lectures, meetings, tours of museums, expositions, archaeological areas, shows, classes, games and any other pertinent activity.

It is strongly suggested to assign one or two cives the task to assist the participants from other provinciae in finding flights and trains to reach the Conventus.

It is also recommended to include in the program some free time which the cives may use as they wish, to have some relax or to organize small internal meetings.

At the end of each Conventus the host provincia shall issue each participating civis a participation certificate.

In organizing the Conventus Novae Romae the host provincia may consider to seek the Aediles Curules' collaboration.

VI. Adherence to the Pactum de Conventu Novae Romae

The governors of the European provinciae who want to adhere to this convention may do it by issuing an edictum to which they shall attach the text of the convention (Pactum de Conventu Novae Romae). It is recommended the text of this convention to be translated into the languages of the provinciae which undersign it.

VII. Validity of the Pactum de Conventu Novae Romae

This convention is valid only if it is undersigned by at least three governors.

Temporary provisions

A. In order to underline the connection with the Nova Roma Rally, the numbering of the Conventus Novae Romae shall be consecutive. Therefore, after the I Novae Romae Rally in Gallia and the II Novae Romae Rally in Italia, the next one shall be the III Conventus Novae Romae.

B. The III Conventus Novae Romae shall take place in provincia Hispania, in Segovia, from 6th to 8th August 2757 A.V.C. Provincia Hispania is not required to follow the rules set by this convention while organizing the III Conventus Novae Romae in Segovia.

C. On 1st January 2005 it shall be renewed a part of the Collegium Interprovinciale. Therefore such members shall stay in office for a period which is shorter than two years, as set by this convention. However they can be reappointed by their governors.

D. Until 30th August 2004 the Collegium Interprovinciale accepts candidacies for the IV and for the V Conventus Novae Romae, for 2758 A.V.C. and 2759 A.V.C. respectively. The governors who will submit the candidacies shall indicated for which year they are intended. The Collegium shall vote between October 1st and October 15th. The President shall announce the results between October 16th and October 30th.

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