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Annual report & budget

Submitted to the senate

By governor D. Iunius Silanus

a.d. XII Kal. Mar. K. Fabio T. Labieno cos. MMDCCLVI a.u.c.

Annual Report for Provincia Britannia 2755-2756 AUC

Ex Officio Propraetoris Britanniae.

It is with satisfaction that I present my first annual report to the Senate and People of Nova Roma for consideration.



It was with great honour and pride that I accepted the position of Propraetor Britanniae, which the senate bestowed on me in February 2755 AUC. However, I was unprepared for the state of inactivity at which this province was then experiencing. A series of recent historical events and resignations had resulted in perhaps one of the most inactive provinces in Nova Roma. My task for the first year was evident, to once again encourage activity amongst the British citizens of Nova Roma and render this province on its way to being as active as it had been previously.


When I accepted the position of Propraetor Britanniae, there were in reality only three truly active citizens in this province, including myself. We three formed the core of my provincial staff:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank them for their year of service to the provincial administration.

An administration mailing list was established,, to enhance communication amongst the provincial administration. This has proved to be most useful.

Please note that several other citizens declared themselves semi-active at this time, but had neither the time nor inclination to dedicate themselves to Nova Roma or this province during these early months.

Provincial List

I assumed moderation duties of the official mailing list of Provincia Britannia some months after I assumed the position. was, and to some extent remains, a low traffic mailing list but remains a useful tool for communication amongst resident citizens and those interested in this province. It is policy to send a welcome email to new subscribers to the list, providing information as to the nature of the list and offering advice and service as appropriate.

Web Site

The new Provincia Britannia web site went live earlier this month. has been very well received as a tidy and well presented site, excellent for the purpose of furthering to promote Nova Roma and this province as well a useful source of information for those with an interest in the state of Britannia and its citizens.

To this end, Equestria Iunia Laeca was appointed Scriba Propraetoris charged with managing the new website. She has proved an excellent and valuable member of the provincial team and again I wish to take this opportunity to once again thank her for her efforts.

Year Ahead

The last year has seen, as hoped, steady progress in the activity of citizens from this province. This is evident, not only from the increase volume of traffic from British citizens on the Nova Roma Main List, but also from the fact that British citizens are once again filling important positions and advisory roles amongst the magistrates in Nova Roma’s central government. We are once again beginning to fill the vast potential of activity that this province should be able to offer.

A new facility means that new citizens are now alerted to provincial governors. I intend to take full use of this facility to welcome new citizens and offer advice and support as necessary. This can only help to further the activity of this province.

It will be provincial administration policy to do all appropriate to assist and help British citizens collate and pay taxes, essential to the furtherance of Nova Roma.

Finally, greater provincial activity has meant that a provincial meeting can now be considered an attainable goal. A British citizen, Gaia Fabia Livia has already requested support to organize such a meeting to celebrate the official birthday of Nova Roma. She has this administrations fullest support and it is hoped that this event will be very much a success.

Updated Budget 2755-2756 AUC

This is an updated budget, initially presented to the senate in October 2755 AUC.

Revenue 2755 AUC'

Taxation $48

Note: 4 citizens paid taxes this year, out of a total of 56 registered citizens from Britannia. This represents 7% of the provincial population, as opposed to the Nova Roma average of 14%.

Anticipated Revenue 2756 AUC

My original budget had anticipated 80 citizens to be registered in February. I note that as of 18th February 2756 AUC, there are indeed 80 registered citizens.

Taxation $72

Note: This figure is based on the following presumptions:

1. The tax rate for Britannia remains at $12 per capita.
2. Registered population of Britannia rises to 80 citizens by February 2756 AUC. Current population as of October 2755 AUC stands at 72 citizens. In February 2755 AUC it stood at 56 citizens.
3. Compliance rate remains at 7% (6 out of 80 citizens will pay taxes). Of course, it is hoped that, with encouragement from provincial staff, compliance rate can be brought more in line with Nova Roma average.

Expenditure 2755 AUC

There will be no expenditure this financial year.

Anticipated Expenditure 2756 AUC

At present, there is no planned expenditure for this financial year.

Such is my annual report to the Senate and people of Nova Roma. It has proven to be a year of many challenges, undoubtedly slow to begin with but one that has provided me with extreme satisfaction. It is a challenge that I wish to continue and I now formally request that I be prorogued for the year 2756-2757 AUC.

Given on February 18th, in the year of the consulship of Caeso Fabius Quintilianus and Titus Labienus Fortunatus, 2756 AUC.

Decimus Iunius Silanus Propraetor Britanniae.

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