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Edictum subscribing to the Limes project

Issued by governor Nic. Moravius Vado

a.d. VIII Kal. Oct. Q. Maximo M. Minucio cos. MMDCCLIII a.u.c.

Lapsed Id. Mar. Fl. Vedio (II) M. Cassio (II) cos. MMDCCLIV a.u.c.

Propraetorial Edict for the Limes Co-operation Project

I. A co-operation between the provinces of Pannonia, Germania, Italia and Britannia is hereby established.

II. The co-operation is not restricted in its scope of application but shall cover in particular the following fields:

a) Provincial infrastructure (e.g. website development)
b) Development of common provincial administrative standards
c) Organisation of conferences and meetings
d) Co-ordination of research projects of common interest.

III. The co-operation shall be implemented by all means necessary and available in an internet-environment. In particular a restricted e-mail-list shall be established for this purpose. Its moderator (scriba) being Legatus Germaniae Caius Flavius Diocletianus.

IV. The co-operation is open to all provinces of Nova Roma which have been established by Senatus Consultum. The respective provincial governor may join the co-operation by enactment of an edictum making the co-operation applicable in the respective province.

V. Any disputes arising out of the co-operation shall be settled by way of mediation. A mediator has to be agreed upon by all affected governors.


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