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*M. Iulius Severus [2013]
*M. Iulius Severus [2013]
*Ti. Galerius Paulinus [2014]
*Ti. Galerius Paulinus [2014]
*M. Cornelius Felix [2016]

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From the foundation of our republic, we have lost the following citizens according to the official records and reports. We honour them as our dead, our beloved and most respected Manes.

Their most honorable names (with the year of death) are:


  • L. Albanus Germanicus [2002]
  • A. Minucius Silvanus [2002]
  • Ianus Minucius-Tiberius Americanus [2003]
  • C. Lucilla Milo [2004]
  • P. Livius Triarius [2006]
  • L. Sicinius Drusus [2006]
  • C. Marius Maior [2007]
  • C. Popillius Strabo [2008]
  • Postuma Sempronia Graccha Placidia [2009]
  • T. Antonius Agrippa [2011]
  • Ser. Equitius Mercurius Troianus [2013]
  • M. Iulius Severus [2013]
  • Ti. Galerius Paulinus [2014]
  • M. Cornelius Felix [2016]

We mourn all of them.

May the earth rest lightly on each one of them!

Remember them in your thoughts and prayers.

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