Consular convening edict of January 2763 auc session

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Jan. 2763 auc Senate session convening edict, a.d. XIII Kal. Feb. (Jan. 20)

""P. Memmius Albucius cos. Patribus, collegae, magistratibus, omn.que in senatu s.d.

Considering that:

  • I have informed the senate and the citizens of my intent convening the senate on last Jan. 16 (msg ML # 73012 and SL # 16579);
  • I have taken, in conformity of decretum "Collegii pontificum et augurum de iure auspicandi et tripudio" (a.d. IV Non. Dec. 2756 auc), the auspicia relative to the session of the senate object of the present convening;
  • these auspices taken at dawn a.d. XV Ian. 2763 auc (Mon. Jan. 18, 2010), have been favorable and that the Collegium Augurum duly informed of their taking and result;

Quod bonum felixque sit populo romano quiritium, and after due consultation of my colleague consul Fabius Buteo,

I edict the following and referimus ad vos, Patres conscripti:

Art. 1 : The Senate is hereby convened for a session. Its advice and/or decision is asked, in the frame of this session, on the agenda presented in the following relatio ;

Art. 2 : According the informations received from the censors, the Senate is composed by the following senators, designed by the abbreviation of their name, who are therefore convened to the present session. Their list is thus reputed to be the album senatorium on Kal. Ian. 2763 auc and at the present date:

[table of the convened senators]:senators are ordered according their cursus honorum and, in a same category, their seniority in the senate; the senators having resigned and reintegrated are placed at the end of their cursus category.

Art. 3 : The senate will be asked to issue a vote on certain items, not on other ones which are proposed to the Curia either for its information, or for discussion so that a further decision may be taken in the best environment as possible. The relatio will specify the type of each of its items (information, discussion, discussion +vote) ;

Art. 4 : As usual, no intervention nor vote should ideally be made during every senator local night – from sunset to sunrise – time. Every senator shall refer to her/his local time, and her/his day light hours, from sunrise to sunset. The usual internet link may be usefully used:

Art. 5 : The time table of the whole session is the following one, every hour being expressed for Rome, except in the table below:

  • 1.1. Session

Beginning: 14:00 hour, a.d. XII Kal. Feb. (Jan. 21)  ; end: sunset a.d. VI Kal. Feb. (Jan. 27)

  • 1.2. Contio

Beginning: 15:00 hour, a.d. XII Kal. Feb. (Jan. 21) ; end: 15:00 hour, a.d. VIII Kal. Feb. (Jan. 25).

Organization: in order to allow a more efficient discussion, specially on items not submitted to the vote, the discussion on the following items is scheduled as follows:

[table of the time periods during which the different items will be examined]

  • 1.3. Vote

Beginning: 16:30 hour, a.d. VIII Kal. Feb. (Jan. 25) ; end: 16:30 hour, a.d. VI Kal. Feb. (Jan. 27)

Art. 5 : The SC on the “adoption of internal regulations of the Senate (Senate closed out of sessions, moderation, no discussion when voting)” adopted a.d. III Nonas Dec. 2762 auc (Dec. 3, 2010) by the Senate shall live its first application during the present session. The senators are reminded to, and thanked for, its observation. Its text may be consulted again at: .

Art. 6 : The relatio ('agenda') of the present session is the following one:

Art. 7 : The items mentioned in the article 6 are completed by further information provided by the attached documents: “Jan. SS item II” to “Jan SS item VII”. Item I has no attached documents. If not included in the present edict, these attached will be, for more reading convenience, inserted in the Senatus Romanus files section at (copy-paste this link if any problem):

Thanks for your understanding and attention, Senators. Have all a good session and valete omnes.

P. Memmius Albucius cos. ""

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