Senatus consultum ultimum de pietate, fiducia et fidelitate principum civitatis erga rem publicam (Nova Roma)

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Tabularium of Nova Roma

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Codex Iuris Novae Romae


This Senatus Consultum has been REPEALED.

In order that the republic suffer no longer any harm due to any possible conflicts of interest, the senate gives the following orders:

I. No high ranking official of Nova Roma shall be at the same time a high ranking official of another organization which would include activities or services in the creation, development, and/or working of a Roman state. For the purposes of this senatus consultum, the term "high ranking official" shall be understood to designate every officer in the position of senator, provincial governor or any officer appointed by the senate (unless specially appointed as a Nova Roman representative in the another organization), vigintisexvir, quaestor, tribunus plebis, aedilis, censor, praetor, consul, and the same positions in the other organization, together with all corporate decision making offices. In regards to religious offices the term "high ranking official" will mean the positions of rex sacrorum, flamen, pontifex, augur, quindecimvir, epulo and Vestal, and the same priesthoods in the other organization.

II. High ranking officials of Nova Roma shall have no other corporate priorities within Roman revivalism than Nova Roma, the good reputation, success and promotion of Nova Roma in order that the reputation and interests of Nova Roma and its daughter companies and chapters, the citizenry, image, reputation, organisation and all actions of Nova Roma, or any allied or friendly partner organisations of Nova Roma can not be diminished or negatively affected in any way.

III. The senate shall be allowed to suspend any high ranking official from the right to exercise their powers and duties under the suspicion described in Sections I-II, only to allow an investigation by the praetores or in case a praetor is suspected, the remaining praetor, in case both praetores are suspected, the consules, if both consules are suspected, by the aediles, if all aediles are suspected by the tribuni plebis and if all tribuni plebis are suspected, by the quaestores, or if none of the magistrates remain above suspicion, by a senator appointed to this task by the senate. After the investigation the jurisdictional system can deem the suspect guilty or innocent. If the person is found guilty, he or she is automatically removed from office, if found innocent the suspension from exercising the office automatically ends without any notice in the citizens' acta.

IV. The duty to execute the mandates of this senatus consultum ultimum lays in the hand of the consules and praetores, but every citizen that sees such behavior should report it to the senate or a magistrate of his trust.

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