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Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus
Album Civium

C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus is a cultor deorum Romanorum, an Augur, a Lictor Curiatus, and a Latinist. He was a citizen of Nova Britannia from the time he became a citizen (on Pridie Nonas Iunias A.U.C. MMDCCLIII) until the month of Sextilis in the year A.U.C. MMDCCLXIV (P. Ullerio C. Equitio coss.), at which time he became a citizen of America Austroccidentalis. He is the paterfamilias of the familia Tullia Valeriana. He was married to Gaia Valeria Pulchra between October A.U.C. MMDCCLXI and Quintilis A.U.C. MMDCCLXV. He holds degrees in History and Classics, with an advanced degree in Latin and Classical Humanities. Some of his areas of particular interest are Stoic philosophy, conversational Latin, Latin and Greek literature, Greco-Roman military history, Greek and Roman religion, and epistolary Latin.

In beginning of the year A.U.C. MMDCCLXIV he was inaugurated as an Augur. That same year he served the Republic as Tribune of the Plebs.

He was Consul of the Republic in the year A.U.C. MMDCCLXV.

He took up governorship of his province, America Austroccidentalis, as Proconsul the year after his consulship (A.U.C. MMDCCLXVI), the same year as his second tribunate.

Hypomnēmata Dē Philosophiā

Consul C. Tullius publishes a blog with philosophical comments on the Roman virtues:

Cursus Honorum

Cn. Caesare C. Tullio cos. MMDCCLXV a.u.c.

Other Posts

from M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.
M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.
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