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Nova Roma is divided into a number of provinciae, and some provinciae are subdivided into a number of regiones. A regio can comprise a single country or several, or on the other end of the spectrum, can be made up of sub-national units from a single country. Learn more at the main article about regiones.

These are the Nova Roman sub-provinces, called regio, with their governors:

Regio Novocaesariensis - Legatus Regionis Novocaesariensis - Fl. Vedius Germanicus
Regio Germania Inferior et Superior et Magna - Proquaestor Regionis Germaniae Inferioris et Superioris et Magnae - C. Artorius Praeconinus
Regio Noricum et Raetia - Proquaestor Regionis Norici et Raetiae - C. Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho
Regio Rostallonensis - Praefectus Regionis Rostallonensis - C. Villius Macro Carbo
Regio Cenomania - Praefectus Regionis Cenomaniae - vacant
Regio America Texia - Praefectus Regionis Americae Texiae - vacant
Regio Alasca - Praefectus Regionis Alascae - vacant
Regio Canada Citerior - Praefectus Regionis Canadae Citerioris - vacant
Regio Canada Ulterior - Praefectus Regionis Canadae Ulterioris - vacant
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