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Our territorial organization

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Nova Roma is divided into a number of provinciae, and some provinciae are subdivided into a number of regiones. A regio can comprise a single country or several, or on the other end of the spectrum, can be made up of sub-national units from a single country. Governors of the provinces have the power to create a regio and to appoint or replace leaders of a regio. If a regio is needed to be further subdivided, the governor can use the term civitas to denote the subsection of a regio. The term civitas may also be used instead of the term regio for a territorial community of Nova Roma where the number of active citizens and the level of "nova romanization" of its citizens has not yet achieved a significant level.


Regiones are governed either by a praefectus or a legatus who function as a lieutenant governor of the regio, but there are some instances where a procurator or even a scriba gets the management of a Nova Roman regio. All regional leaders are responsible and strictly subordinate to the provincial governor and have no imperium. Lieutenant governors can not issue edicts or appoint officers, the provincial governor, however, can do it for them.

Regiones in Nova Roma and their lieutenant governors

Regio Novocaesariensis - Legatus Regionis Novocaesariensis - Fl. Vedius Germanicus
Regio Germania Inferior et Superior et Magna - Proquaestor Regionis Germaniae Inferioris et Superioris et Magnae - C. Artorius Praeconinus
Regio Noricum et Raetia - Proquaestor Regionis Norici et Raetiae - C. Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho
Regio Rostallonensis - Praefectus Regionis Rostallonensis - C. Villius Macro Carbo
Regio Cenomania - Praefectus Regionis Cenomaniae - vacant
Regio America Texia - Praefectus Regionis Americae Texiae - vacant
Regio Alasca - Praefectus Regionis Alascae - vacant
Regio Canada Citerior - Praefectus Regionis Canadae Citerioris - vacant
Regio Canada Ulterior - Praefectus Regionis Canadae Ulterioris - vacant
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